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13th  National Crystal Meeting PAN/RAP Venezuela

Maracaibo – Zulia

PAN Zulia node wants to thank all the visiting kin from other Venezuelan nodes for collaborating with us in the 13th National Crystal Meeting and so close a period of 13 that has helped us to get closer to one another and plan strategies with all our 13 moon family.

With this we propose a name for the next national crystal meeting:

1st National Crystal Meeting PAN/RAP Venezuela, Mystery of the Stone

1st day:  Overtone Moon Alpha 6, Yellow Crystal Sun kin 220, Yellow Cosmic Seed Year (Gregorian 11-19-2005)

In the Land of the Loving Sun… Yellow Crystal Sun day… with a beautiful and radiant sun, our friend Solon White Lunar Dog received our kin guests from other parts of Venezuela. With “Cepillados” (snowcones) from “El Cangurito” and pastelitos (little cheese pies, typical Venezuelan food), he took them to a ride around the town. At noon we got to the farm, small but full of healing energy from the horses (the farm was a horse therapy center for treatment of sick children). When we arrived we got together, presented ourselves and gave out the printed material, as always we started with the prayer of the 7 directions and we all repeated the complete synchronic order codes. Then the Polar Earth Family organized some lunch for everyone.

Then  we enjoyed the swimming pool, the grounds and groups got together to share ideas. At dusk we did the HOMA fire (Triambakam) followed by Mindfullness Meditation. Then the Polar Family prepared and organized dinner and everyone got together to share the moment.

  2nd Day:  Overtone Moon Limi 7, Red Cosmic Dragon kin 221, Yellow Cosmic Seed Year (Gregorian 11-20-2005)

Our friend Solon White Lunar Dog woke us up on the first watch at 5:30 absolutely mechanical, to do some exercise and prepare the HOMA fire (Agnihotra and Triambakam) followed by Mindfullness Meditation, after that we danced to the rhythm of Leandro Blue Electric Storm and Solon White Lunar Dog's drums and we all sang songs from the “Caravana Arco Iris por la Paz”. The Cardinal family organized breakfast and Pablo Blue Lunar Storm honored us with his “Arepas Andinas” (Typical Venezuelan Andes food) then we enjoyed the swimming pool, horses and sharing experiences.

Still on the second watch we gathered in a circle to open the second day of the crystal meeting. This time it was the Cardinal family's turn to direct the prayer of the 7 directions and the complete synchronic order codes. This was a really transcendent day because we worked in consensus for the document to register PAN Venezuela.

After long rounds we were all physically and energetically tired but with a great spirit of will and happiness and with a very peculiar Shamanic style word stick, we got to making decisions. At first between the assisting kin we didn't have kin with the tones 9, 10 nor 12, neither did we have a Central family representative. But at the beginning of the third watch two kin came, Angela Red Rhythmic Earth representing the Central Family and Monica White Crystal Wizard with the crystal tone of cooperation, as they arrived we did the 20 solar seals mudhras directed by Isabel White Self-Existing Worldbridger.

And in a magical way the consensus flowed until we got to the following decisions:

Name of the Foundation or Organization: Red de Arte Planetario Venezuela (Planet Art Network Venezuela) reserving the names already listed on the last proposal of the document.

Headquarters: Maracaibo, Zulia State   

Signing Board:

Miguel Torres, Blue Magnetic Monkey

Pablo Rivas, Blue Lunar Storm

Solón Durán, White Lunar Dog

Miredys Leal, White Galactic Dog

Alexander Chávez, White Electric World-Bridger

Sandra Davis, White Resonant Dog

Kelly Harding, Yellow Rhythmic Sun

Legal Advisor: Denis Guerra, Blue Galactic Eagle

We haven't decided the fields each kin is going to represent. Each node will hand out a proposal for the rules of the Foundation or Organization in accordance with the basis of commissions and 13:20 statements.

We decided that first we will register the document and then make the rules.

It was stated that the document will be used for obtaining economic and other resources for 13:20 purposes and not to question the free will and autonomy of the kin. We ask for the collaboration of all the nodes of the country to send your proposals of the rules and also your opinions and suggestions being aware that what was decided at the crystal meeting can not be modified because it was made in consensus and in an event that was informed lots of moons before it's realization.

With all the love and light…

PAN Zulia

In lak'ech!

Assisting kin to the 13th National Crystal Meeting PAN Venezuela:

Solón White Lunar Dog, Magaly Yellow Electric Sun (PANmacay), Pablo Blue Lunar Storm (PANmacay), Isabel White Self-Existing World-Bridger (PAN Gran Sabana), Alexander White Electric World-Bridger (PAN/RAP Ávila), Haidee Blue Rhythmic Monkey (PAN/RAP Lara), Kelly Yellow Rhythmic Sun, Clara White Self-Existing Mirror, Miguel Blue Magnetic Monkey, Miguel White Magnetic Mirror Denis Blue Galactic Eagle, Rosalía Red Overtone Dragon, Mónica White Crystal Wizard, Ángela Red Rhythmic Earth, Leandro Blue Electric Storm, Sandra White Resonant Dog, Miredys White Galactic Dog, Masiel Red Resonant Skywalker, José Yellow Galactic Warrior, Aymara White Spectral Mirror, Elpidio White Lunar Mirror, Alfonso White Solar Mirror, Letty Yellow Spectral Star.

Kids: Miguel Eugenio White Self-Existing Wizard, Rebeca Yellow Galactic Star and Denis Andrea Blue Magnetic Monkey.

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