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PAN Italy - Rhythmic Moon

In Lakech everybody!

Its a great synchronicity to have this Silio 28 of the Rhythmic Moon on kin 11, Blue Spectral Monkey, galactic Birthday of Valum Votan! And 15 in days it will be his Solar Birthday...


Things have slowed down a bit during this moon, as the craze for Xmas in Italy gives birth to a rat race to buy anything, really, as long as something is bought and consume food, booze, presents...

As Votan put it once, these can be considered 13:20 holidays too, as Limi 13 is always Dec 25, and Limi 20 is always (gregorian) New Years Day...!!!

The PAN Bioregional Council has been shifted to the Blue Week of the Solar Moon. We are meant to discuss and possibly define the time and the whereabouts of the first PAN Italia Congress ever, as augured by the Foundation in the last message we received.

In the stream of artwork inspired by the symbols of the Law of Time, we like to mention the website:

They also have an english section. These guys produce artwork made of glass, and the first words youll read on their website are Il Tempo E Arte Time is Art. They came across the wisdom of the 13 Moons and feel very much inspired by 13:20 symbols. So some of their works feature Hunab Ku and other glyphs. Unfortunately the gallery has not been updated yet with these specific items.

Thats it, for the... TIME BEING !!!

In Lakech - PAN Italy.

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