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Rhythmic Lizard moon of Organisation
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Kin 191 and 255 entered the Rhythmic Moon of Organisation after facilitate a workshop with 35 people in Belgium. It was a very intense and interesting meeting with an energetic counsel on calendar reform and a clear sharing about the Codon Cubes.

On Rhythmic Seli 2, Red Spectral Serpent, Kin 1 was invited to give a lecture in a local health centre, by the former spiritual leader of the F-side of Ajax (who is a red spectral serpent himself). The lecture focused on the prophecy of 2012, stressing the fact that we have the choice to beat the 'total destruction' prophecies, by taking action now. It becomes clearer that many people choose quite a passive role in the prophecies, because "we will all get enlightened in 2012, or, when those Mayans return and pick us up to bring us to the 4 th dimension with their space scooters" those kind of stories. So it was deeply appreciated we had the chance to clarify the activities of PAN.

Rhythmic White Crystal Wordlbridger was a very special round table. Our queen Beatrix is queen for 25 years and for this reason she had invited all the ministers for the last 25 years but more interesting, she also invited all the different religious groups, cultural groups and organisations sustaining humanity, active in and from the Netherlands. Every group had the possibility to share its vision and make their salute to the other groups. This was an example for what an Earth counsel looks like.

Our Royal Family has a history in doing certain ceremony. For example the cutting of the neck tie by Prince Claus, the husband of queen Beatrix, at a very special meeting with a lot of influential people. This was a symbol made by Claus the Dutch Royal Family is not longer being pushed by some kind of world authority. Princess Irene, the sister of the queen, has an institute which is called Natuur College College for Nature, and it is commonly known she talks to trees. In a way the Dutch Royal Family knows whats happening.

Rhythmic Seli 9, Yellow Overtone Human, PAN UR facilitated a Winter Solstice ceremony in a lovely little park near the Zaanse Schans with it's windmills. Although not many people participated (consciously) in a ceremony before, it was very well received, and all the attendants made the best of it. Since the solstice date is very close to Christmas, and all the trees were beautifully decorated, the ceremony was directed to the inner tree of life (inner light body), and to connect it with the universal world tree of life, by breathing in the light of Christ that was represented by the Solstice Sun. It turned out to be a lovely beginning of the last 7 years till 2012.

Rhythmic 11, White Resonant Wizard was the Day we could get the Mystery of the Stone Kits from the Port of Rotterdam. We borrowed a van and took care of the money we had to pay to get the kits through the customs. 41 big boxes with 10 beautiful violet Mystery of the Stone Kits. Finally, we could touch them. Two big charts for overview, 9 oracle carts with big chart to copy a big poster and a Manual. Today, Blue Resonant Hand we took care of the mailings throughout the Sun Bioregion.

White Resonant Wizard, we were also invited to facilitate another ceremony; the Return of the Wizards to Camelot to Evoke their Spirit. In a highly activated meeting point of like minded revolutionists, we showed a short movie on PAN and the 2012 prophecy made by Blue Overtone Hand. After showing this inspiring documentary the Self Existing Seed guided us into a meditation on the Primal Tree of Merlin receiving the 20 Solar Tribes to activate the Wizard within ourselves. Afterwards we had a great informal meeting in which lots of calendars and information was exchanged.

Rhythmic Kali 18, Red Magnetic Dragon, the process of writing down the experiences of PAN UR in the Earth Wizard Practices and Ceremonial Magic began to take shape. We hope to accomplish it in time so we can share our memories of magic. How about that....
Red Magnetic Dragon we also had a meeting in Fort Pannerden close to Nijmegen. The meeting was about starting an Earthgarden in the Netherlands. A manifest is written down, principles of CREST incorporated, all plans are ready to come into manifestation all the people needed have been informed. There is one last thing, Resonant 9, Yellow Resonant Sun, there is a court case about an island (Tien Gemeten) in the south of Holland. The wind is blowing in the right direction; we only need the help of the free turtle (Resonant, Resonant) to get ourselves on the island. When this is not working there are a couple of alternatives. When it works we have the opportunity to open a path back to the earth, big time.

Rhythmic 25,Yellow Galactic Star, Guide of the Galactic Synchronisation, we do ceremony with the Mystery of the Stone in Belgium. A ceremony to introduce the Bolon Tiku and their purpose and open ourselves for the Solar Thought forms communicated to us by the Pulsar Vela. Now that we can use the Mystery of the Stone kits there is a real opening to the Cosmic History chronicles so we finally can start our Cosmic History study groups.

Last but not least, we all look very much forward to the galactic spin-day of our favourite and most honourable arcturian of the Timeship, Blue Spectral Monkey!!!

All is Go(o)d
Pan Uranian Radioactivist

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