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PAN Australia - Resonant Moon Dreamtime Report
- from the Blue Night Bioreigion of OZ
Aboriginal Continuity + Cosmic Awareness = A New Time

Galactic Agent Maya chan reporting.

In a Global Telepathic Space, should we not recognise each other as KIN instantly?

Well it takes all sorts of folk from all different places and many walks of life. Planet Art Network now stretches across 90 countries world wide! Heres a look at the Wizards of Oz, downunder.  Inlakech to all you Cosmic Earth Wizards World-Wide.

We Earth Wizards of  OZ  (Australia) following the 13 moons are by comparrison,  say the rest of the world, really Earthy Beings. This land we live on is Beautiful.  We like to be at the beach, by the river, or in the dessert, on the land.  We spend lots of time by fires, we spend time together in ritual as a community creating awareness.

Most of us Earth Wizards and Earth Activists,  over the past few years/spins have moved out of the dense Metro/City areas, 12:60 to be with the land, our 13:20 studies and our new babes being born OR as a result of  our Colonial His-tory, have travelled to other parts of the world (gone walkabout) in order to retrace and refigure our lost genetic lines.  From personal experience this seems really important in restructuring and reformulating the DNA.

The Land here in OZ is a Potent and Powerful Earthy Vibration and connects us to The Dreamtime Matrix. Reminding us of the power of the creative group mind versus the power of money.

Indigenous Australians too, are restructuring DNA and many Aboriginee people are still processing Displacement resulting from colonial law. 

As an Earth Wizard incarnated in the Land of the Dreamtime, it is always a priority for myself and many other Earth Wizards and Earth Activists to help mend the bridges with Indigenous Australians.  Many Aboriginee people here have such recent memories of GENOCIDE (1960s) it is hard, and uderstandably so, for the bridges to be built in Trust and Honour !  It takes time to be in a timeless time.

Trust ! one aboriginee friend of mine once saidMate Ive been struck so many times Im like a burnt match !


The process of healing for all beings is occuring on so many levels, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental

As we Earth Dwellers and Earth Wizards make our way through the Serpant Wavespell in the Cosmic Seed Year, Instinct calls the Rainbow Serpant Mob (crew) and the 13 Moon clan together and Survival guides us to Endure our Flowering, the Seeds planted long ago by our Telepathic Ancestors of the Dreamtime and Ancient Future Worlds.

We are peace bringers of this land.

Everytime the Rainbow Serpant Dreamtime mob and the 13:20  Timeship Oz crew meet there is Flowering, there is Peace, there is Healing, there is Understanding and TELEPATHIC KNOWING! and the stories of the Dreamtime humbly remind us Earth Wizards We are all one in Telepathic Knowing !

So on the Etheric Telepathic Circuit here in OZ there is much magic afoot and more importantly, Healing and Sharing, through coming together around sacred fires, telling stories of Dreamtime Wisdom and Galactic Maya Transmission and through playing music and dance TOGETHER. (I refer here particulary to the Day Out of Time Crystal Blue Night in the Blue Night Bioreigon AC Activation Bunjalang Country NSW)

Music and Dance are our Universal language,
 let us Earth Wizards not forget these sacred tools of our Ancestors, black or white
As we cross the bridge of Cosmic Awareness TOGETHER,
Journeying forth,
flowering the seeds of our Ancient Aboriginal Genesis
of Telepathic Knowing and Cosmic Awareness.


So from the visioning and dream mind comes Love and
Trust but unfortuately on the ground, on the physical Base 12:60 plane here in OZ, many frightening Lost World Loops are playing over and over and the loop of  Mass Genocide in danger of playing out again.  This time not Genocide through hanging from a tree or meeting a barrel of a gun filled with bullets, or buring at a stake !  A new dark knight has appeared, promising riches and power to those who play The Dark Knights Court.  The name of this Dark Night is URANIUM YELLOW CAKE.

IRATI WANTI the poison leave it in the ground the Kunga Women Elders of South Australia say.  But our Government here in Oz are blinded by the power and wealth this dark knights court brings.

Australia is fast becoming the new Saudi Arabia, a Uranium Nightmare.  With share prices of Uranium superceeding the price of gold on the 12:60 stock market.  Australias export of Uranium (mainly to China) has trippled since Dessert Storm  (Cosmic Blue Storm Yr). The Australian Government and Economic powers stand to become very rich between now and the closing of the cycle (or so they think) either way it is the dark knights power that blinds them and places Australia in GREAT DANGER of being Devistated and Mutated into a Nuclear Biochemical Disaster !....Not the best environment for Reformulating and Restructuring the DNA !

If the answer is blowin in the wind, then why isnt the weather report at the start of the news?(Pasqualie Weekend Australian)


The Australian Government has a 15year plan to create 28 Uranium Mines around Australia !  Exporting to China, France and America.

In South Australia, Lake Eyre, a huge basin lake, has 40MILLION litres of water pumped from it per day in order to leech yellow cake from the rock !

6000 soldiers from the USA have entered the Shoalwater Bay Area of the East Coast of Australia, (my birthland) in the Cosmic Yellow Seed Year - 2005.  The Ships entering the East Coast of Australia are UNQUARRANTINED and Loaded with anphetamines (available on YOUR streets now in OZ, making your hometown just peachy !) These ships also contain (dispite what the Aust Government says,) DU Missiles and Sonic Underwater Missiles to be TESTED off the coast of Byfield in pristine waters that are home to turtle, dolphins and the birthing zone for the Dugong ! just to name a few.

DU Depleted Uranium, a by-product of Uranium is used in modern weponary.  Once ingested through the lungs via the air, DU effects the Neuromuscular and Neurological Systems of the human, resulting in breakdown of the Lymphatic and Reproductive systems and killing off strands of  YOUR DNA !

Urainium has a none soluable Oxide base which takes up to 4.5 billion years to break down.  If this enters your DNA thats 4.5billion years off your DNA Evolution !

Once DU missles are fired, upon impact the oxides burn at up to 25000 degrees celcius and the oxide ash can travel up to 1000km via the air contaminating YOUR BIOSPHERE.

This is a RED LIGHT Red Alert Warning ! To Establish yourself more in this we suggest veiwing David Bradburys film Blowin in the Wind.  David is one of the honoury Urainium Activists in this country and a brilliant film maker and collaborator.

Basically under Australian Law no matter who owns the land, any prospector or prospecting mining company can enter any land mass and take out a mining lease ANYWHERE in Oz !

This has long been an issue with community land owners and Indigenous Australians.

Pine Gap Australia, is OWNED by the USA  and is a USA Landbase.

Shoalwater Bay, Qld, and Western Australia are fast becoming USA Territory War Game Areas !

Thats the USA in the West coast, on the East Coast and in the Centre !

AND the Sacred Dessert Songline Lands of the Aboriginal people are fast becoming WASTE DUMPING areas for URAINIUM !

This is very toxic information to take in I know.  This is something Many Australian Activists and Earth Wizards have been working on for many years now.
Whats more, to stop it from occuring through Democratic Channels of protest seems hopless, since Australians have fallen prey to Oligarchy Law since John Howard (Crystal White Wizard) was relected on Solar White Wizard Limi 20, Crystal Blue Storm Yr.

The only way we can save ourselves is through claiming sacred lands, SACRED and restoring the garden ie: Attuning to the Natural Law of Time and understanding that the 13moon Peace Plan is more than a Calender but a universal Time Science helping to establish YOUR Biosphere and Biofields in Harmony with a major Timeshift occuring Right here Right now! 

I do not wish to create fear or further dualism us and them by writing this, only awareness to what is going on in this country not transmitted through our current media.  There are solutions and tools available to protect our Biosphere and our Biofields from contamination.

Sistrine and Bretheren may the Bridge we build connect the Earth to the Stars and our hearts to each other in the spectrum of LIGHT, in the spectrum of healing and protecting the Great Mother Earth on the road to 2012.

And Remember Earth Wizards - Codes are our new language, lets use them in the name of honour.

Inlakech,  for the next seven generations to come

Galactic Agent Maya chan 7 Yellow Sun

Yellow Solar Seed
Rhythmic Moon of Equality
Silio 21

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