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Brief history:

The jaguar tribe was created when Uac Etznab and Uac Chicchan gather efforts to contact Bolon Lamat after sharing an experience working for the Indigenous people of the Cofanis, and following the study of the Thirteen Moon Calendar of the Maya. As the year was coming to an end they decided to contact Bolon Lamat (Rodrigo Alarcn, Director of the Planetary Art Network from Colombia) he proposed us to create the node and simultaneously carry out an earths wizards seminar. We generated the conditions to make this possible and in that way Rodrigo Alarcn promised to visit us in the land of the jaguar.

He and his team of the centro tzolkin prepared the following invitation to all the planetary kins.

Behind the Mystery of the Stone
In San Agustn - Huila

Dear Planetary Kin:
Om Shanti !!
As Salaam Alaikum !!
Shalom-Shalom !!

We are inviting you to participate in the First Earth's Wizards Seminary
San Agustn - Huila
Behind the Jaguars Footprints...

In case you didnt know, this in an archaeological zone, very important, not only in Colombia, but also in the Amerrikuan and Planetary context. Still now, San Agustin refuses to reveal his rotund mystery, despite the multiple attempts, by many different investigators, justified by formalism, naturalism, structuralism, positivism, statuism, symbolism, etc. Maybe, it has not been approached in a whole system way or holistic manner, that would perceive the mystery, to be assumed from the perception and not the mere conceptualization.

This is the call, which we have received, approximately a year ago, about the need to reach San Agustn. Finally, the synchronic order has generated clear coordinates, for our attention to be focused there. We feel, the call that San Agustin is making now, is not casual, is very causal, with scarce eight years before the closing of the cycle, or the end of the Long Count of the Maya, in 2012-2013.

We have decided, then, to carry out this new adventure of the kin, to connect ourselves with the Mystery of San Agustn, in an attractive intent, to take all the way there, the law of Time with its prophetic heap which summarizes well the Mayan Prophecy of the Telektonon of Pacal Votan, which was revealed with the opening of his tomb, and now, pushes us to open the Mystery of San Agustin, with the certainty that this, will open in Colombia, kept the proportions, a new Human becoming, when returning behind the Great jaguars footprint
We will also have a first investigative approximation of the mystery

Colombian Planetary Art Network
Tzolkin Centre -
Temple of the 7 Suns Medellin

Colombian Planetary Art Network
Tzolkin Centre - Temple of the 7 Suns Medellin

And the Local Node of the Jaguars Tribe - San Agustin
Invites you to the First Earth's Wizards Seminary
San Agustn Huila -
Behind the Jaguars Footprints...

Guided by:
Dr. Rodrigo Alarcn Lpez M.D (Yellow Solar Star)
Colombian Planetary Art Network Coordinator
: Museo Etnogrfico (Ethnographic Museum)
Date: 12-13-14- and 15 August 2005 (From the Red Self-existent Dragon to the Yellow Resonant Seed)

Themes and Activities:
Initiation in the knowledge of the Mayan prophecy and the rest of the Prophetic planetary heap.
- The Law of Time
- Tzolkin
- The Dreamspell - Methods to obtain Galactic Signature
- The Telektonon and Universal Telepathy
- What is the Synchronic Order-
- The New Science and the Law of Time etc

We will also have different activities, such as:
Shamanic Drum beats - Ritual Dances - The Chanting of the Nahual - Outing to one of the power places.

Note: The seminary finishes on August 15th at 5 PM.

The seminary was attended at the house we actually inhabit. This is a very special place located into the archaeological circuit of San Agustn, an obligated step in the visit to the zone, so the concurrence of people is very elevated at certain times of the year and normal all along it.

The place is called EL TABLON and it has five sculptures, not in their original location but close to the place where they were found and where the government placed them to be exposed.

The  house was built with the purpose of being the place for a museum, an ethnographic one, and it is also very well visited by the people who arrives to the monuments. People from all nationalities and locals pass by this place in horses, cars, motorcycles and walking every time of the year.

Mister Alarcn arrived to the jaguar land in yellow electric sun from the Bat Magnetic Moon.
That day he offered a free-conference in a well-known place in the town, a caf web, the assistance to this event was quite poor from the locals but reinforced by the ones from cities like Cali, Bogot and Medellin who arrived  to the seminar.

It is really worthy to mention the assistance of the team from the Aburr Valley, among them: Ka Cauac, Oxlahun Manik, Lahun Etznab, Uuc Ben y Ka Chuen. From the city of Pereira arrived Hun Lamat and the day after, arrived people from Bogot and Cali: Buluc Eb, Manik hum, besides many other university students and artists.

The seminar began with a general review of all the information about law of time, solar tribes and lunar tones, along with a complete historical back up of the 13 baktuns.

Then we started by analyzing the thirteen moon sincronary of the year to end up with all the earth wizards work proposed for this year yellow cosmic seed. It has to be remarked the example of devotion and knowledge from mister Alarcn in the management of the information and the energy to those prolonged sessions. Some of them helped out mister alarcon in the seminar, by exposing some of the proposed topics, and some of the researching achieved so far in the analysis of the thirteen moon calendar.

We worked in two sessions one in the morning, another in the afternoon each four hours long, at night we had the opportunity of enjoying some shamanic chants from mister Alarcon and Ka Cauac.
Between the sessions we did some meditations in one of which we received the rainbow mantes, an amazing experience.

By the last day we went to the place called la Chaquira at one side of the Magdalene river where we spend some time and then we where asked to go down the hill. Unfortunately, on the way down, Buluc Eb and Ka Cauac suffered an accident as they fell down the cliff. Mister Alarcn has to finish the seminar as we supported our brothers in this passe. In that way we gathered once again after so many lives in the Jaguar land where we could live very exciting moments and feel ourselves somehow as a family again. We visited some places in San Agustin and once at the Archeological Park, where a big amount of sculptures are arranged, we were reached by some presences, the ancient ones who still roam in the middle of the forest.

Mister Alarcn, after seeing the place and our work  proposed to develop a well planed strategy to spread the law of time message and the knowledge of the thirteen moon calendar given the high level of visitors in this place and the knowledge we have gathered about the topic.

Not only giving the galactic signature to the visitors but also to promote the work of the law of time foundation and the thirteen moon calendar change, by connecting people through official sites and the nodes from the countries and cities of the visitors. Simultaneously we will promote the study of the law of time and the thirteen moon calendar, and recreating the prophetic heap of the Mayan throughout our art.

He left us material (books, calendars, galactic compasses, and printed publicity from law of time foundation and the change of calendar. Buluc Eb and Hun Manik left us handsets, and more calendars (a pocket size version and a white black one of the year cosmic yellow seed, to deliver freely.

In this way we developed some strategies to be performed in the house and which we will describe in our next report.

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