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French Revolution of Time
Report on the Seven Day Seminar in France

On the eighth day of the Solar Jaguar Moon the moon was eclipsed by a huge blue planetary eagle flying towards the manifestation of it's vision. And that vision was a vision of time, of an interval of seven releasing the knowledge body of the Law of Time into the winds that polish the Mont Ventoux. So it was the blue planetary eagle, flying on the electric currents of blue storm, that made the call to the kin of the Netherlands who call themselves “the Uranian Radioactivists” to cooperate with them in informing the kin of France with the complete knowledge base brought forth by the Seven Years of Prophecy. So it happened…
Through the activation portal of kin 77, three UR agents traveled the deep red road of the sun heading south until they reached Vergol, a little village on the foot of Mont Ventoux. Here agent 191 was challenged by the earth elements, since the car he drove was heavily loaded with time-tools, banners of peace and galactic agents and the last three hundred meters of the journey were more suitable for a Big Wheel. But time is on our side and so is magic, so we actually arrived, and the day was white cosmic mirror. We transcended order that was for sure.
The place where the seminar was going to be conducted was a 150 years old house, in typically old French style. It was situated beautifully between hills and misty mountains, and the area smelled like lavender and rosemary. The hill on which the house is build has the shape of a huge boat, of course, this was our timeship!

On Solar Jaguar 12, blue magnetic storm we started our seminar with the purpose of catalyzing and unifying the kin of France into the Revolution of Time.
We divided the seminar into two, an introduction and a more advanced part. Below you see a most of the kin who attended the first part, and as you can see, the one even more wonderful than the other. At the background you see the library of the Law of Time.

So the first part we dealt with the following topics: the cyclical order of time; time manifesting in space as a cycle. This topics actually speaks about the harmonic number order of the thirteen moon calendar which bends the mind towards peace and harmony. The difference between 12:60 and 13:20 was clearly felt on this blue magnetic storm day.
The second day, the emblem of the yellow lunar sun, we dived into the radial order of time, time viewed from it's own dimension, with the enormous help of the Dreamspell. All thanks goes to the galactic agents who created this magical tool as a gift to humanity!
The third day was devoted to the union of the 13:28 and the 13:20 in the Prophecy of Pacal Votan. Reading the words of the Prophecy together has a great impact on all of us, and it was in the spirit of prophecy that we created a beautiful act of ceremonial magic on this solar moon 14, red electric dragon. We held hands around a big tree that was standing strong and tall in the backyard, we connected the rainbow rings of our human chakra system with that of the Earth and the Sun and pronounced our deepest dreams to the universe. With this simple but powerful ceremony, the first part of the seminar was concluded.

The self existing wind started with a circle of attendants and facilitators, for there were some issues that needed our undivided attention. Since our circles represent a microcosm, if we harmonize our circles, we are the living example of peace as the way. It was beautiful to see how the kin of France and Holland formed a strong group that were not afraid of expressing their truth in an harmonious way. A lot of energy work was done here, and the balance was restored.

The overtone night and the rhythmic seed days were excellent days for informal sharing of experience, audio files and culture. We had a nice little walk in a nearby village and organized some practicalities for the next phase of the seminar.

Solar moon kali 18, red resonant serpent, after the openings ceremony conducted in a traditional mayan disorder, we presented Rinri as well as the 20 tablets of the Law of Time. Since the blue solar monkey was well prepared for this subject he unfolded a mindmap of a highly synchronized order, weaving the 7 week seminar in Chile to the first Earth Wizards practice of the PAN UR members to the founding of PAN UR, to the Rainbow Bridge Experiment and a lot more. And all of that was then cubed! We were very happy to present all the materials of the 20 tablets to the kin of France, for this is one of the most wonderful demonstrations of the boundless compassion of Votan. Many attendants experienced the codon cube meditation as a powerful means to counteract the effects of the 12:60 vibratory environment and to awaken the DNA to it's full potential.
On the white galactic worldbridger we presented the 7:7::7:7 and introduced the natural mind meditation. We decided that this day was a good one to shut up for a while, so in the lunch break everybody was being asked to keep quiet and to observe his or her mind. Great success!
Our last day was the blue solar hand, and this day we devoted to synthesize all the different layers of the synchronic order into a comprehensive understanding, so the three galactic agents of PAN UR took turn to weave the elements together. Through sharing personal experience in working with the calendar and giving concrete examples the attendants got a clear picture of the why and how of the Dreamspell-13 Moon calendar. Also we asked everybody to share with the circle their experiences of the seminar, what they learned and how they where moved by it. We where especially interested in what they where going to do with it. Well, that turned out to be a very good way to conclude the seminar, to pronounce your goals in front of a big group of people. So this group sharing concluded the seminar, but in order to seal it properly we did a closing ceremony. Pipe holder Smiling Bear Heart prepared a peace pipe and made the eagle feather of vision go round. I believe each one of us had it's own moment of unity and vision, that we can cherish and recall at moments of need.

All in all this was a very successful seminar, at least for us it was. We experienced how smooth cooperation can go if the PAN members know what they're doing. We realized strongly, that this is our spiritual family and we can trust everyone of it, we are save and secure, and so we can make it. We transmitted the information in a clear and complete way. All facilitators were rewarded with inner and outer contentment, and we could support the Foundation for The Law of Time with the financial surplus we created. This is a win-win situation that makes us very happy, doesn't it?

The next day we left our lovely seminar timeship, and were heading more south, to some friends of our new friends who is living in the area of the Cathars. There weather had a Dutch appearance on me though, so we rested ourselves in the comforting hospitality of our hosts. The next day, red spectral moon, we went to Rennes Les Bains, a picturesque village famous for it's hot baths. Well, when we arrived we learned that on that day the baths had no water, from a Dutchman we met rather synchronistically at a crossroad. So we actually ended up in a local café, where we dreamed about living together on holy grounds, building a CREST centre and Zooms, making the 13:20 visions reality. Great dreams arose in that pub…
On the lovers reunion of the solar moon, white crystal dog, the men (kin 1, 159 and 191) went to mount Bukarach to climb it. With a real time dog as their mascot (Hot Stuff the electric storm Argentinean Terrier) we climbed this holy mountain with at a dazzling speed. On the way up we witnessed the solar eclipse, that was only partial visible to us on this longitude/latitude. The women (kin 4 & 75) stayed in the village to talk and talk, and talk about the analogue roles of the like minded kin. A friendly chap lent them his welding mask to look at the partial eclipse. A wonderful fellowship.

As one group united again we went to Rennes Les Chateau, a church where the energy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene can be felt in every corner. We humbled ourselves in the serene and peaceful atmosphere of its beauty.

After some dinner at the side of the road we departed for PAN France home base. We felt very welcome in their house, where we stayed another night and day listening to some of the deepest Kgraak trance records available today. Its not easy to say goodbye to such lovely people, but hey, we miss our flat lands. So driving back on the magic flight of the blue cosmic monkey listening to the greatest rock ‘n roll band of the world we decided: “It's only 13 Moons but we like it!”

We thank The Foundation for the Law of Time for all their work, from the depths of our heart. We thank PAN France's Blue Electric Storm and Blue Planetary Eagle for the way they surrender with joy to their selfless planetary peace mission. We thank Yellow Rhythmic Human's for the great gesture of opening her house to PAN. We thank all the attendants of the seminar for their support and deep motivation, we love you all. We thank the cooks for the feast offerings for our inner Buddha. Especially we thank all those who we forgot. And we thank ourselves, Yellow Self Existing Seed, Blue Solar Monkey and Red Magnetic Dragon for answering the call for 13:20 adventure and the harmonious cooperation.

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