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FLT Team's Quetalcoatl Return Day out of Time in Ashland.

As the sun rose, Kelly Rhythmic Sun, Jacob Rhythmic Dragon and their friend Carol Galactic Star made a simple fire in the fire pit behind the FLT operations headquarters and living quarters. Each of us with crystals in our hands, we meditated the Rainbow Bridge.

Following a peaceful pancake breakfast we set out to the nearby lake. Where we relaxed under the sun, read passages from the Knowledge Book, made music with drums and flutes. The day passed very peacefully and simply, flying a kite (or trying to) and swimming in the lake - it could have been any day far into post-history. Later we were joined by John Cosmic Worldbridger who was super inspired and intrigued by the Knowledge Book!

Later in the night there was a bonfire back at home to burn our star bundles. We invited neighbors to come and bring whatever offerings they wished to burn, to symbolize anything they wished to release or forgive.

The fire burned late into the night and morning brought the arrival of the White Lunar Wizard!

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