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Orienting Ourselves In Time - Article for Second Creation Magazine

The focus of this fourth issue of Second Creation Magazine is the Hidden Powers that attempt to control all.  This theme is very appropriate since the fourth quarter or Watch of each day (Sundown to Midnight) is the Occult Power, and the fourth quarter of Lunar Wizard Year, Codon 43 is about Indomitability.  The indomitable quality of this year’s Bolon Tiku, the Black Iron-Crested Garuda, is required during this time when the Occult Powers are doing their best to make it  ‘Darkest before the Dawn’ of the Second Creation, and the launching of Timeship Earth 2013.

At this time, more than ever, we are faced with increasing threats of global starvation, economic collapse, catastrophic earthquakes and hurricanes, total surveillance and World-wide war.  But, the Hidden Powers, who imposed 12:60 mechanized time upon humanity, and who orchestrated the 9-11 disaster that ‘punctured the Technosphere’, are unable to hide the highest truths.

As Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles, and Red Queen/Stephanie South state in the Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 2, page 113: “Avatars, prophets and messengers are antidotes to conspiracy.”

This White Lunar Wizard Year contained two amazing and unprecedented “celestial messengers”, along with several other special events. 

White Lunar Wizard is the catalytic year meant to bridge the Sensory and Telepathic Realms.  Kin 54, Lunar Wizard, was also the day we entered the 78 Moon Monkey Genesis, and Cube Eleven (the Monkey) of the final 16 Year Cube, with both of these cycles ending on the Day-out-of-Time 2013.

After reviewing the most significant events of this transformative and pivotal year, we will speculate on what their numerical messages might indicate.

The first moon of the year and of the final 78 moons, Magnetic Monkey Moon (Moon Kin 131) began auspiciously with the amazing Galactic Sun Crop Circle that appeared in England on August 1, Kin 60, Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature.  This magnificent image appeared 188 days after Valum Votan began his Magnetic Monkey year, and on Day One of this year’s first Sixteen Day Cube Journey.  The crop circle contained 144 cubes and it created a stir among mathematicians, one of whom stated:  that it “brilliantly interprets Metatron’s Cube”.  But the huge relevance of this crop circle is best described by Valum Votan in his Rinri Newsletter entitled: “White Lunar Wizard meets Black Iron-Crested Garuda.”

Sixteen days (a Cube Journey) later, we observed the Twentieth Anniversary of The Harmonic Convergence that had been cosmically triggered by the explosion of Super Nova 1987A:  Quetzalcoatl. 

The Harmonic Convergence was celebrated by millions around the globe (before internet!) and 144,000 Rainbow sundancers synchronized the noosphere to the 5,125 year galactic synchronization beam responsible for the wave harmonic of history.


Next, a unique celestial event began on October 23, which was Kin 143:  Blue Cosmic Night.  During a 24-hour period ending sometime on Kin 144, a comet, known as Comet 17P Holmes, brightened by a million times! 

This unprecedented brightening is the largest known outburst by a comet, and by November 9th, it was the largest (with a diameter 7 times that of our Sun!) object in our Solar system.

Comet 17P Holmes caused great excitement among astronomers, scientists and various religious traditions, but was ignored by the Mainstream Media. 

In fact, this comet’s unprecedented behaviour caused scientists to change their view of comets and to realize the degree to which we are living in a Plasma-filled universe (as explained in the “7:7:7:7 Telektonon Revelation”).

Lunar Wizard Year also contained the highly spiritual day, 0.0 Hunab Ku Day on February 29th.  This “super Day-out-of-Time” was nestled between 11.11 (Valum Votan’s Galactic Signature) and 12.12 (numbers associated with the coming year) on days 22 and 23 of the Eighth Galactic Moon (Galactic Mirror Moon: Moon Kin 138).

Nineteen is the highest number in the Mayan 0-19 Code.  Kin 19, seal of the Storm, is known as ‘God’ in the “260 Postulates of Time”.  Nineteen days after Hunab Ku Day, the “Largest Cosmic Blast” ever was detected on Earth.  This Gamma Ray Burst from a massive star exploding 7.5 billion light-years ago was so vast and luminous that it was even visible to the naked eye.

Astronomers named it Super Nova 00319 (for it’s March 19 date) and they also refer to it as GRB080319B.  Since this oldest (halfway back to the creation of the universe) furthest (7.5 is a key ratio: 7 Galactic Spins equal 5 Solar Spins) and most powerful explosion qualifies as ‘Supreme’, lets refer to it by a third name:  Supreme Nova 19.3.

(To put this into perspective, as Valum Votan states in the Rinri III.3.4 Newsletter; ‘the Brightest Supernova Ever’ (which resulted in his ongoing reception of Sirian transmissions these past two years) appeared in 2006.  Compare its distance of 240 million light-years to 7.5 billion light-years! In fact, the Gamma Ray Burst (of Supreme Nova 19.3) was 100 million billion times (10E17) brighter than the Sun!)

Even the time  (7.12 a.m.)  that  the Supreme Nova appeared is synchronistic and prophetic.  7 and 12 equal that supreme number, Nineteen.  7.12 is Crystal Hand, the Occult Power of this year, and the Kin of the  Solstice on December 21, 2012.

The light from this most luminous event reached us on the 13th day of the Ninth Solar Moon.  Thirteen’s significance is self-explanatory, and Nine is the frequency of the tomb of Pacal Votan, and there are Nine Lords of Time or Bolon Tiku being awakened in these final 9 years.  Those key numbers and the Supreme number, 19, are also reflected in this Moons Code Kin:  Kin: 139, Blue Solar Storm, written as 19.9 in the “260 postulates of Time”. 

Supreme Nova 19.3 appeared on a Pacal Votan Clear Sign day:  White Self-Existing Dog, Kin 30. 

Supreme Nova 19.3 synchronistically appeared on the same day that Arthur C. Clarke, the prolific science fiction author of “2001:  A Space Odyssey” died.  His famous title is reminiscent of the film interviewing Valum Votan and others, called:  “2012:  The Odyssey”.

The 19.3 is further reiterated in an observation on Kin 88, Planetary Star of this Spectral Moon, Moon Code Kin 141; Spectral Dragon Moon. On that day, astronomers reported that they were “Baffled by a Bizarre Star”. This unique star, named J1903+0327, spins around its’ axis 465 times per second!  Since J is the 10th letter, and 465-260=205; Planetary Serpent, along with Planetary Star, one could wonder if all the ‘10s’ are a clue.  {For example, Planetary Tone 10 could suggest that these unprecedented events are meant for this planet, Earth, where the War of the Heavens is being played out.  The 13 Postulates for Seal 10, the Dog, (when Supreme Nova 19.3 appeared) all deal with spin reversal.  So, reversing the spelling of Dog equals God!}

The massive brightening of Comet 17P Holmes was certainly happening during the Fourth Watch of Blue Cosmic Night, which is Kin 118, Magnetic Mirror.  The Postulate 18.1 (of “The 260 Postulates of Time” by the Closer of the Cycle) states: 

“The ejection of radiative thermic-luminic properties at supernova excitation is a correlate function of a higher meditation program of the Galactic Federation.  This meditational program is coordinated by the pilot angel program of the intelligence originally evolved by the stellar mass on its trajectory becoming a supernova.”

This Postulate supports the view that Comet 17P Holmes and the Supreme Nova 19.3 were directed by an intelligence for evolutionary purposes.  Russian scientists also reported that the massive Gamma explosion on the 19th day of the 3rd month, March, carried information of a spiritual content. 

Considering the amazing endgame being played out on our Earth at this time, it is reasonable for us to look for meaning in the numerical ‘footprints’ of the Galactic Sun Crop Circle occurring on Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 60, Comet 17P Holmes appearing on Cosmic Night (3.13), and the Supreme Nova 19.3 appearing on Pacal Votan Clear Sign; Self-Existing Dog (10.4).

One Divine link between the two unprecedented celestial events is this:

3.13 and 10.4 combine to make Kin 13.4, Self-Existing Skywalker.  When we combine the five parts of its Daily Oracle we derive the G-Force (G-force is the combined holon of all 5 kin in oracle):  Kin 19.13; Blue Cosmic Storm!  This is the Supreme and final of the “260 Postulates of Time”.  19.13 states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

The numbers 19, 13 and 144 are prevalent in these three events.  Let’s explore what messages they could be communicating for this period of time.

The Galactic Sun Crop Circle contained 144 Cubes and happened on the first Cube Journey of this White Lunar Wizard Year.  Comet Holmes’ unprecedented brightening occurred on Kin 143; Blue Cosmic Night and Kin 144; Yellow Magnetic Seed. 

These two Kin next appear in the precise middle of the Blue Cosmic Night Moon’s (Moon Code Kin 143) Cube Journey!

The second half (return journey) of this year’s ‘Cosmic’ Moon and sacred Cube Journey begins with the twelfth wavespell:  144; Yellow Magnetic Seed.  According to the Telektonon Prophecy, on Day 14, Cube 8, we sing the song of 144,000.  What a perfect placement for this particular wavespell!

The momentous signs of this year are powerful reminders that we are at the mid-point (Supreme Nova 19.3 originated at approximately halfway through the journey from creation of the Universe to this point in time) and we need to be preparing for the ultimate return journey to the Original Matrix Attained (OMA).

One can see a mirroring of the 0.0 Hunab Ku Day, with the unprecedented brightening of Comet Holmes indicating the period between Wavespell Eleven and Wavespell Twelve, and the circulation of the Eleventh Cube Monkey Year into the Twelfth Cube (Human) Year.

Numbers are the language of telepathy, and these ‘Cosmically announced’ numbers seem to be pointing to this year’s last wavespell, which begins with Kin 144, and the new Blue Electric Storm Year which begins with Moon 144.

It appears that Supreme Nova 19.3 is announcing the next Year-Bearer:  Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm; 19.3!  This coming year is unique because it is the year of the Supreme Golden Maiden, the only feminine Bolon Tiku.  She holds the center as the fifth of the Nine Bolon Tiku, and she brings the long-awaited Return of the Feminine.  During this year, according to page 37 of “Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone”:  “Red Electric Serpent, the Red Queen, assumes her place and charges the noosphere battery with waves of telepathic love.”

Now is the time to ponder the significance of the 144, and the Return of the Feminine-which the Hidden Forces sought to diminish by abolishing the sacred Thirteen. 

Let’s consciously draw upon the powerful and peaceful Gamma rays saturating us, and add our telepathic and loving energies to Red Queen’s, knowing that together we will charge the noosphere and ensure that Peace, Beauty and Love prevail upon Earth.

It also seems significant that the Yellow Seed Wavespell contains a run of 10-in-a-row Galactic Activation Portals.  Even more synchronistic is the fact that each Kin of the Twelfth Wavespell is a fractal compression of every Moon of the Cube Twelve Year:  Blue Electric Storm; 19.3

This creates a wonderful opportunity to “rehearse and imprint our intent” on each of the thirteen Kin  (especially powerful during the G.A.P.s) of the wavespell beginning with Kin 144, in preparation for awakening the thirteen articulations of the Supreme Golden Maiden, each Moon of Year 19.3.

Then, after awakening her left ankle during the last Cosmic Turtle Moon (Moon Kin 156- Yellow Cosmic Warrior) of the Blue Electric Storm Solar Ring, we will be able to confidently recite the Vision of the Supreme Golden Maiden: 

“By my Human power of Free Will and the mystic letter ‘L’ may I empower Excalibur with the Divine Feminine as the Wisdom of the Nine Lords of Time.”

This article has proposed some interpretations of these powerful occurrences of the White Lunar Wizard Year. Hopefully, it will instigate other Kin to examine the synchronicities and meanings of these momentous events, as we transit into the Blue Electric Storm Year of the Supreme Golden Maiden.

Completed on  (White Lunar Wizard Year)

Kin 113:  Red Solar Skywalker (13.9), Day 12 of Crystal Wind Moon (Moon Kin 142; 2.12)

Offered with profound appreciation to the Closer of the Cycle, Valum Votan, and the Red Queen, Stephanie South.


 On Blue Lunar Storm, one week after this article was submitted, an astro-physicist was reported to have deduced the meaning of a crop circle that appeared in England at the beginning of the Crystal Moon.
When Mike Reed reported that it visually portrayed the first 10 digits of Pi, this crop circle was hailed as 'astounding', and 'the most complex crop circle ever!".
It is interesting to note that th first ten digits of Pi (3.141592654), synchronize with some of the numbers discussed in "Orienting Ourselves In Time".
The first 3 digits (314) equal 54, when we subtract the 260 days of the Tzolkin.
54 is the Kin for this year, White Lunar Wizard.
The next 3 numers, 159, equal the Kin for the coming year, Blue Electric Storm!
The next 3 numbers equal 13, for Skywalker, and the last number is 4.
Kin 13.4 was the combination of the Kin numbers when two unprecedented celestial events occurred: 10.4 and 3.13. And the G-Force of 13.4 is 19.13!

The size of the Pi Crop Circle is 150 feet. Kin 150 is Resonant Dog, or 10.7. The Blue Cosmic Night referred to in the article fell on the 10th day of the 7th Gregorian month (July). The next day was Kin 144 the first day of the Seed Wavespell, which is a smaller replica of the 13 Moon Wavespell beginning on
Blue Electric Storm, July 26, 2008.
These signs seem to indicate that a very special Solar Ring is about to begin!

Claire DeMoulin White Galactic Mirror
shifted to the Southern Hemisphere during the Blue Crystal Storm year.  She has settled in the center of New Zealand and is devoting  her life to the study, dissemination and implementation of the  principles espoused by the Law of Time.

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