Find your kin

Greetings of peace Planet Art Network!

I am a galactic synchronizer.

Accomplishment is my challenge.

Birth my guide, Spirit my sustainer.

Flowering of equality is the power that completes me.

While the memory of the dreamspell  is restored on my spacesuit

Ideas and visions rise to the surface of my timespace.

Here I share some:

A. Make a list of who and where is following the rinri meditations

So we can empower ourselves and inspire the planetary kin to join

B. While the braves who feel the call remove themselves from the 12:60 enviroments

And get to the natural telepathic retreats to strength the invisible network

Those who still have missions and dreams on the cities

could strength the visible one with any Manifestation of Planetary Art

C. Many kin have already taped, painted and recorded 13:20 art

A book was being assembled according to some mail that circled some time ago

A Day Out of Time movie was being produced as well, wasn’t it?

Anyways if there is any one interested in the production of a Planetary Movie

Please contact and let’s make it!

We could share files and co-create different versions of the same film

D. We could Give www a chance and participate on this moonly report

So we all can increase the feel of  sharing a Planetary thought process

And link it to the sphere where most of the 12:60 addicts are attached, the Internet.

At the moment in the list of meditators I got

Nick 6 Night from the Night Zone, Aus

Jacob 6 Dragon and Kelly 6 Sun from the Monkey Zone, US

Agente 171 2 Monkey from the Monkey Zone, MX

Adrian 8 Earth from the Moon Zone, Arg

“Well my friends…” (I hear this Yogui Bhajan’s voice on my mind)

Best wishes for all of us from light to heart

May the Galactic Mind shine as a Planetary Art Nation


177 Adrian Red Galactic Earth

ps: Thanks to the Ocean, Barbi 2 Sun, Kamu 2 Moon and Brujito Maya 2 Dragon for the great inspiration in this moon, and eternal thanks to the source of pleasure too.

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