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In the Solar Ring of the Red Magnetic Moon we had the privilege to host Roy LittleSun to share with us the One Heart Dance. The timing for this event was perfect because it was synchronised with the Ceremony for Sounding the Lost Cord in the centre of the Solar Ring and the middle of the Tzolkin (remember). With this event the One Heart Dance was introduced in the Lowlands of  the Sun Bioregion and since that time more and more groups do this dance in times of equinoxes and solstices. The goal is to dance this dance with all our brothers and sisters when the big cycle will come to it’s conclusion in 2012.

Now in this Solar Ring of the White Lunar Wizard the LittleSun returned to our little country at the bottom of the sea. On the day of White Solar Wind we took Roy from the Airport to a place called the ‘Old Krieger’ in Okkenbroek. This is an old farm from the 13th century located on a piece of old Earth in the north east of Holland. We received a clear teaching which we have taped:

Because we where with a small selective group of friends we could go deep into the teachings and have a strong ceremony in building a medicine wheel. This ceremony was guided by spirit and the wheel was building itself with us being the body and hands. The medicine wheel consist of 108 different pieces (nice to know 108 is the number belongs to messenger of the one mind Buddha, and as we know lord Buddha was born in the centre of the Tzolkin on the Magnetic Monkey, which is the solar seal of Roy LittleSun). We put a stone from the foundation of the farm at the East Gate, this stone is at least 700 years old and it was magic how this stone came to our attention. This stone looks like a little stairway to give entrance to the inner universe coming from the outer universe and it has symbols which teaches us about the movement from energy coming from the east going to the west with the north and the south being the fixed turning points. Beneath this East gate stone an other stone must be buried. This stone comes from the medicine wheel in the heart of the zodiac in Glastonbury and carries the energies of the eternal flame brought to it by a ceremony in South Africa at the Cradle of Humanity. Three of us where chosen to be the guardians of this special stone to help us remember the eternal white light as the source behind the rainbow.

OneHeart Medicine Wheel

With the initiation of the medicine wheel we had the ceremony of releasing the memory of the seed by crushing white hopi corn between two small milling stones, off course this ceremony was done on the day of the Spectral Seed. This ceremony was going to be the red line in our different meetings and circles. In the memory of the seed is the memory of the tree, our new way of life we need to remember.

With this ceremony being done we left for Beekhuizen. This is an other location in which we as E(art)h Awareness have a cooperation with the people living there. Beekhuizen is located near Arnhem close to the Veluwe and is a beautiful place in nature. There was a professional film crew to help us in making a documentary of the One Heart Dance ceremonies. We received a short introduction before going into the dance. The dance was upgraded after last time, we have learned something, we didn’t need any fixed points anymore in the cardinal directions, we knew where to turn and how to move, also the people doing this for the first time. After the dance ceremony there was a sharing about love and the opportunity to came to a new agreement about oneness. Chewing on these concepts we went to Nijmegen, home to the ‘Stichting voor de Wet van Tijd Nederland’, and had a day of rest to reflect and time for new insights.

Crystal Serpent we where on our way to Teuge. In Teuge is a large squatted area with 11 big buildings. In one of the buildings, they are actually old buckers build by the Germans in WO II, we have a big shared space in which we do Teachings and Ceremony from all kind of spiritual directions. In this space we also conducted the first Earth Wizards intensive in Holland. It has a Big Banner of Peace and a 2mtr wide Tzolkin mozaïk next to a large Tzolkin to show people the relations of the day. It is also home to our E(ART)h Awareness round table, which miraculously manifested during the 7 day Earth Wizard event.

One Heart dance patron
Like a Celtic Knot

On the day of Arc Tara (13 Worldbridger) we gathered around the spiral for our prayer of the seven directions. In silence we went to the shared space for another teaching. This teaching was very wide in it’s meaning and a couple of people where a bit lost in how to implement this teaching. The solution was simple. Remember the sacred way of eating, how to get it, how to prepare food, and most important how to chew on it. Roy gave us some simple tools in cutting vegetables and helped us to build an outdoor kitchen. We learned that the kitchen is a sacred place in where you live, and where you prepare your food is the place of the altar. The way we eat is the way we will become. Each day 10 % of your blood plasma is created from your food, so in ten days you have brought into your body all the ingredients for you blood. This means the quality of your food will become the quality of your blood, which is responsible for the way we feel. This is all a very practical implementation of the cosmic teachings Roy shared with us. We had a delicious meal and a good rest before we entered the next day and also the next wavespell. The wavespell to unify purpose in accomplishing healing, wholeness.

The day of the Blue Magnetic Hand was actually the day of the One Heart Dance. We gathered around the central place and with a beat from the drums we started to circle. We where weaving in and out, and all people found there place in the dance. Our circle was connected with the fire burning in the corner of the room and after the dance we went to this fire to have the hopi pipe ceremony to conclude this day. A big wave off appreciation, love and accomplishment was filling the atmosphere. After another great meal from our new outdoor kitchen we gave thanks to each other and we all went back to own circles to share what we had learned.

In our evaluation in Nijmegen of the event Roy shared with us a vision of the double rainbow. This is like a very big oneheart dance ceremony to be conducted for 14 days in a row around the summer solstice. We really see this as a big training for the period of the seven mystic moons. It is a continuous ceremony for 14 days with a fixed food program and without any substantives like coffee, tabac, alcohol or other kinds of ‘drugs’. Most interesting for us as being Earth Wizards was the new symbol of the dance. It looks like the Rainbow Bridge Earth with its central crystal and the four time atoms. We directly saw the connection between doing the dance and synchronic to it do the Rainbow Bridge Visualisation.

We are now in our preparation for this event. Maybe not for the Crystal Solstice but for the Electric Equinox.

This last insight of the dance coming together with the rainbow bridge was proof to us all ways are uniting. And we better do so to became one.

Draft of the Rainbow Bridge OneHeart Dance

For more information about the teaching of Roy LittleSun:
For information how to do the OneHeart Dance read Below:

A Rainbow Hug to all Planetary Kin
Roy Magnetic Monkey
Rietje Galactic Eagle
Stef Solar Monkey

One Heart Dance Leaflet:

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