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Here is the Day Out of Time Report for Atlanta Georgia headed up by Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz-Galactic Worldbrider

We held a One day Event See the Campaign
Raised some funds to cover basic expenses and you can view all of the campaign documents by clicking the UPDATES tab.

Well, all went well, but we were unable to actually do the sweat lodge because the rain came down really heavy. It took about a week of preparation and a lot of perspiration in the hot sun to get the sweat lodge up, and we didn't even use it. But I'm told that the rain, especially on a New Year brings Abundance. And judging from how our ancestors always loved to get rain..I would have to agree. Not pictured are the two events that took place indoors: MaMa Kali Oc gave an interesting presentation called 'Cosmic Prophecies of San Francisco' where she saw symbols and messages in graffiti on the walls. The next presentation was by Ima Bey who did a cute skit with the children called 'Anansi the Spider'. It is an African folk was soo cute. View the Slideshow. We had a Blast (off)! :)

Auset Aswad
Administrative Assistant/Initiate

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