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The Day Out of Time

The Day Out of Time is a doorway leading into a life out of time. 
The Day Out of Time offers a consciousness that we must maintain, in time.
The question arises in time, “have I done enough with my life?”
Am I worthy enough?  Did I fail in my life purpose?

The question can only be answered with another question,
“Who are you, who asks this question?”

The personal self will always question itself.  The personal limited i-dentity can never do enough.  The doing is motivated by a wanting for recognition.

The self wants to recognize itself as worthy of God’s Love, the unobtainable love in time.

Serve enough. Do enough. Recognized enough. Valuable enough.  I-dentity in form.

The personal self, residing in a virtual reality of form, believes it is separate and, therefore, not enough.  The personal self, wanting and striving for recognition from others, is only a temporary reality.

The question remains, “Who am I who can never do enough?”

The call for recognition in form is only a mirror reflection of the call for recognition from within.  Will I, as form, be still enough to hear the call from the formless? 

Will I hear the call from deep within… the still small voice…
 “Will you recognize me within you?  Will you be still and listen to my call? 

Will you choose to recognize me as your impersonal self, eternal self, transcendental self?  Are you willing to live from your Soul’s frequency, your Soul’s intelligence, your Solar purpose?”

The only purpose in this false life of time and space is to awaken into
the Day out of Time… where a new time, new earth and new heaven exist.

Can you give up the desire for recognition in your world of form in order to rise into recognition of your Soul’s Grace?  Are you willing to live in the time of synchronicity where there is no wanting or striving?  Where you express through spontaneous inspiration?  Where you love the impersonal more than the personal?

The impersonal love is a frequency, a state of being – no-body. 
The Eternal Love – the Presence of Light – the Expression of Truth –
the Radiance of Life…

Are you willing to die to the question embedded in separation? 
There is no world to save.  There is no time to waste.  There is no Light to hide from in order to chase recognition.

Recognition is a remembering and accepting that “I am.”
“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.  I am and only I am, inside of you.”

Will you choose to sacrifice your personal life for me, so that I can radiate the earth with impersonal love and truth?

Are you willing to be still and listen and follow?  Are you willing to replace what you think with spontaneous intuition?  Are you willing to follow nature’s symbols, disguised within the spiral timeline of synchronicity?  Are you willing to surrender to the Mystery?  Are you willing to believe in magic and miracles?

Are you willing to die to your history – your stories, and become an empty vessel, to receive and contain the Light?

 Are you willing to give up all personal judgments, while maintaining the wisdom of discernment? 

Are you willing to be conscious – awake to all the energy frequencies within your self and choose only the motivation of unconditional love?

Are you willing to relate to others and see only the One? 

Are you willing to honor your truth, and not sacrifice it in order to try to get what you think you don’t have? 

Are you willing to replace your guilt with wisdom? 

Are you willing to die to the self that took birth as form, in preparation for rising into a new mind and a new time. 

Yes, the answer to your question for recognition is significant.
The call for recognition has arrived from within… you.
Will you choose to answer… during the Day Out of Time? 

Blessings for you in this sacred time,

Lois Hunt—Yellow Magnetic Warrior/Australia

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