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Greetings of peace Zuvuyers!

It was a cold rainy day in Buenos Aires
close to the airport, at the university camp,
there is a Gate in Time called Aldea Velatropa (Velatropa Village)
it was opened by some kin many years ago,
and re-opened 3 years ago
it is based on permaculture, organic self-sustentable community life, in the city

for the 3rd year on a row, a Day Out of time was held here,
lots of kin gathered for three days of peace and music
hugs, circles, talks, fires, songs, dances, workshops and cooperative works.

the seed was sought, the star was shining, defining the space for the new to flow.

the heartbeat of the noosphere is being gently listened
still low, still slow, our minds are breathing
thought-waves are surrounding our ears with whispers

Get Strong and Shine! Shine your love, radiate your time!

Atacchments and illusions, have always been for us a fight
may we feel the Ocean of Universal Water
and swim our ways straight to the light

may love and art and pure intention prevail
on this ever changing dance
between the good ones and the best!

In Lak Ech !

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