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Rainbow Gathering Crystal Vision New Time Activation
Report from ~Eric/ eb / aki -

the rainbow gathering was full of heart connection and magic, unlike no other place on earth, never have i had the space and time and heart-headspace to look so long into the eyes of my family and feel gratitude and love....i am so grateful for the opportunity and i am activated....

id like to share with you that i had a download, channeling that started while sleeping under the time is art banner one night, i woke up egoless being taught 4 dimentional crystal reality 101. the program was seemingly on autorun using my benign and opened body-mind. the program brought me through the steps of separating my awareness into the separate time atoms, and showing me the axis mundi in my body!!!! i fucking downloaded the octahedron 4th dimentional reality! all these words are so new and strange to me and im thinking maybe you actually understand of the few people. but thats the only way to describe it!!!! fantastical! it showed me that when all of the time atoms are in harmonic resonance, something happens in the timespace and our mindspace is amplified and transmitted through the octahedron, (i postualte 9x) 8 outward through the facits of the crystal to the family and 1 inward into the heart cave of higher dimensional space (im postualting implosion energy) so strange, and i had no idea what this was and it was taught to me. i was perceiving from at least 3 time atoms at once and my motor control was like i was drunk because it was past present future walking, like stumbling, but my mind was completely clear and doing complex mathematical equations! i moved to the fire and the family was sharing about craeating change in the world and i felt spirit move me to share my expereince, in all of the weirdness and impart several times upon them that transformation only happens through harmonic resonance in our own bodies (with the heart key), and the impending amplification to the noosphere (biosphere cumulative DNA emmissions-televion of the forest (jeremy narby's cosmic serpent) ) much gratitude and love, share this blessing with your friends.

i still want to connect with the day out of time festival and the crest 13 movement, ive been repeatedly asking you with no leads? any updates?

loving you

~eric/ eb / aki

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