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Warm Greeting in the for the New Time!

White Solar Wind 22 reporting for the Sydney / Lower Blue Mountains Node for our Day Out of Time Celebrations on the 25th of July 2010!
What an incredible day had by our community of Kin with a gathering of about 30 people celebrating the ending of the year past “Yellow Self Existing Seed” and the beginning of the new and exciting “Red Overtone Moon Year.”

As white Solar Wind it was my intention to pulse out, and communicate to our kin that we would celebrate this wonderful day out of time, and that the only requirement for the day is that they choose something that they would really enjoying sharing with our group. I did not put any limits on what people could share, and oh was I suprised to see the creativity of our gathering of friend and galactic family! Rainbow Warriors, the luminous ones...Skywalkers, Yellow Humans, White Winders’, Blue Stormer’s, Yellow Star’s, Blue Monkey’s, Red Moon’s, White Mirrors, White Dogs and more gathered together!

I had no real idea what people would end up bringing, and yet I trusted that we would have more than enough to share with each other to enjoy our day. I was so over joyed to see what people shared. We had an incredible bounty of fresh home made food, vegetarian dishes, breads, savory treats and snacks. We also had delicious cakes, cupcakes, pies, and scrumptious deserts! Every brought something that they loved to do, be, eat, make or share! We had people who were Balloon Animal makers... so we all had our very own personal artwork make for us... balloon flowers, angels, butterflies on flowers and blue monkeys on trees! We had face painters and artists, music and dancers!

Before we dined we came togther for the galactic prayer, myself on the rainbow native american flute, and a friend reciting the lines for us. One of our dear friends entertained us with her beautiful bellydancing, dressed in the most gorgeous costumes! Rainbows of colours enhancing and adding to the rainbow bridge in our hearts.

After lunch we had one of our kin set up a cafe for us and served every single one of us with fresh tea and coffee.. cappacino with the chocolate on top! He even brought his very own coffee machine to our home to do this.
Once the festival of food and deserts was complete we were then blessed to have a local tribal bellydance group come to perform for us! We all packed tightly into my home.. moved furniture and made space for the 10 dancers dressed in full costume to dance and enhance the energy of the feminine red moon! Some attendees were in teas as the woman danced. They were graceful, beautiful, and powerful all at once.

To end our fabulous day of enjoying each other in no time we then drummed up a storm with all attendees drumming, laughing and having fun to complete our festivities.

It was a wonderful day in which I learned that as a community, together we can create with far more beauty, creativity and love than alone. Together we created a day like no other, doing, sharing and being the things that we love to share with others, which in turn blessed everybody their with experiences, foods, deserts, artworks, music and dance that one alone could not imagine...

In Lak’esh and love for the new time and for a wonderful new year!

Angela – White Solar Wind 22

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