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Kin Convergence at the 42nd Whole Earth Festival
Davis, CA - Spectral Moon 5-7, Kin 133-135
Red Overtone Moon Year

Disembarking in the early hours of the Red Electric Skywalker, four time travelers from the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon set off south toward California. Jacob Rhythmic Dragon, first driver at the hot seat; Kelly Rhythmic Sun as the navigator; and Forrest Planetary Sun and Eden Self-Existing Skywalker in the crow's nest.

Kin 201 + 240 + 140 + 173 = 754 = Kin equivalent 234, White Cosmic Wizard.

The car was loaded with 2000 pocket calendars, 180 13 Moon Natural Time calendars, a rainbow bridge banner, a Whole Earth flag, rainbow bridge and solar seal buttons, many educational Law of Time and Cosmic History texts, and the "Dreamspell Pavilion" was securely rigged to the vessel - thanks to Patrick, master fisherman knot-tying neighbor of Kin 201 and 240. The vibration was charged with laughter and excitement for the upcoming activation at the University of California, Davis, where 42 years ago Valum Votan (Jose Arguelles), Blue Spectral Monkey initiated the Whole Earth Festival with his Art History class of 1969.

(*Note the Dreamspell Pavilion was given to us by Allen Galactic Star who was caretaking for it on behalf of PAN San Diego - the reporter does not know who created all of the art, but it was beautiful and we are grateful!!!)

Steadily winding through the mountain pass between Oregon and California, Mt.Shasta's peak shone vividly through the clear morning sky. As the White Cosmic Wizard crew came closer to the base of the mountain they were greeted by a Telos messenger - a multilayered ship "cloud" (which materialist science refers to as a "lenticular cloud" due to its lens-like shape). The time travelers, however, knew that it was in fact an interdimensional extraterrestrial "contact lens", greeting them on their way to the Kin Convergence at the Whole Earth Festival...

Note the Psi Chrono Unit was Kin 113, Red Solar Skywalker "Lord of the Dawn". It was also day 197 of the Galactic Density Spirals that began on 791 days to 21-12-2012 (197 ~ 791). (See Valum Votan's report to learn more about the Lord of the Dawn cycles:

From Highway 113 to UC Davis on Kin 133

Activating in order to explore, exiting highway 113 and arriving at UC Davis, the time travelers were immediately confronted with just how complex third-dimensional reality can be. Nevertheless,going with the flow they effortlessly stumbled right upon the "Karma Dome" - the HQ of staff members of the Whole Earth Festival. Next thing we knew we were welcomed to the festival by our contact Mona Shahab Self-Existing Human, and taken to our own activation station on the beautiful lawn, close to the Sacred Space Dome.

The four kin immediately began construction of the Dreamspell Pavilion to ground the galactic energies. (With the perfectly timed assistance of the perfect Karma Dome helper, a body builder student named Nick, who single-handedly unloaded the 100+ lb Pavilion frame in one powerful lift!)

Kin 140 with Synchronometers - Kin 240 loves it!

As soon as the Rainbow Bridge Banner was up and the pocket calendars unveiled, the decoding began! (Here in the US, when we say "decode" we mean "find people's galactic signatures").Soon we encountered Sunny Shine Blue Solar Eagle, who invited us to the event - and who was one of Votan's students in the Art History class of 1969 who created the FIRST Whole Earth Festival. She had in her hands huge printouts of: a colored Avatar's wheel (as seen on the cover of The Mayan Factor); a Rainbow Bridge Poster, and the image for the Synchrogalactic Yoga Meditation.

In Memory of José Argüelles - 1939-2011
by Sunny Shine

[Sunny Shine is one of José's original Art History students of 1969-1970, who helped create the very first Whole Earth Festival, the following tribute which she wrote was included in the event program of this year's Whole Earth Festival.]

Namaste to all lovers, protectors, generators of the (holy) Whole Earth Festival... all generations, all over this treasure planet beyond compare,

So many auspicious arisings are synchronistic with an event I believe may well touch each of us very profoundly. My heart is sprung wide and so with prayers of gratitude and wonder, please be awakened by the news that JOSÉ ARGÜELLES passed peacefully from this human realm on March 23rd...

I've been asked to say a few words...there are so many, so many. He was the first true teacher and spiritual friend on my journey, doubtless for thousands of other beings as well. His vision seeded the creation of the first Festival. This vision arose from his study and meditation practices of Tibetan Buddhism and also from the grand mix of so many new and vivid views blossoming in the minds and hearts of youth in the sixties. We needed authentic teachers. José was just that and more. He was completely committed to the ideas of peace, beauty, joy celebration, community, right relation...he was the real deal. We had never experienced anyone like him.

Art Building, 3rd floor, Art History 103 a, b, and c...our assignment for the year? Create a Festival to celebrate the very first ever Earth Day. We had no idea. Had never seen one. And then he's showing us slides of sacred sites from ancient cultures from around the world, talking astrology, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Mayan Calendar, Physics, traditional initiations from indigenous peoples, on and on and on...with long interludes of silence, he seated in lotus posture on his grey formica institution-sized teacher's desk...bare feet...Native American flute resting gently in his lap. Sometimes the silence turned into a deeply piercing spontaneous song from his flute. Not like any teacher we had ever seen or imagined. Just his presence, calm, effortlessly creative, so affirming of some part of ourselves we had been practicing suppressing for our whole lives, some aliveness, some precious YES...Be HERE...really be here.

This world is magic, is sacred, is precious and you must care for Her, love Her, JOIN THE Ram Dass quotes his guru saying..."the only dance there is". What was he talking about!!? The more we did not know...the more we Knew he was giving us the Truth...he was passing something so sacred and ancient to us...something that connected us to every being who had ever taken the journey before us...we wanted to learn this dance, it had been resting in our bones forever and he was the Pied Piper to start us out on our path...our heart path.

Of course I adored him...and we became friends. I can not, nor would I wish to imagine my life, which I do truly love, without having known him...just then and now always. I thought there would be more time, that I would see him again, could tell him how many more of the pieces he validated have fallen into such wondrous dancing understandings. His recognition was powerful, light and yet scalpel sharp. When you got it, you really got it and it never gave up on you. I deeply hope all the other students in that class, in all his classes at all his teaching venues have benefited in these same or more or different ways from his genuine intention to wake us up to our true natures. That was what he wanted the Festival to do...forever. For all beings. That is what we get to be a part of.

And now he is journeying to a new incarnation. His Buddhist practice included a belief in a transition state called The Bardo. It lasts for 49 days. We are all asked to offer prayers and blessings for this important journey he is on. Whatever your tradition or heart wisdom/connection kindles in you would be wonderful...also seeing him surrounded and suffused in rainbow light...translucent with rainbow light...and that he has the most fortunate of rebirths, best for further cultivation and giving of his gifts. The OM MANI PADME HUM mantra is always of infinite blessing for all beings...generating compassion in all realms...which, since compassion is the true ground, is just so like the nose on our face that we forget that it's already right there as soon as we come into full awareness. He loved these teachings. Explore José Argüelles' teachings further at

Soon the local newspaper representative, a Yellow Galactic Warrior - asked Kin 201 a few questions - "How do you see Jose in this event?" The Whole Earth Festival is a wonderful example of how Earth can become a work of art, or a planetary art whole - as well as a powerful testament to the human's ability to cooperate to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Decoding the Pavilion

The energies were high, the sun was warm and the breeze was cool. Children danced in the lawn and skipped through the nearby labyrinth, in the center of which they would find a copy of Feminine: Spacious as the Sky - opened to pages about the Labyrinth...

With the help of Clara, coordinator of the Sacred Space for the festival, the Dreamspell Pavilion was now up, and while decoding at the FLT booth a familiar time traveler appeared - Juryt Abma Blue Solar Night, who took magic flight all the way from the Netherlands!

He looked around and said "We have work to do!" - with his camera and video camera in hand he began decoding and documenting the adventure. He will soon be posting his videos and photographs onto the web - stay attuned!

That evening, Eden Self-Existing Skywalker further activated the 13:20 with an initiatory 13 Moon calendar and 2012 presentation in the Sacred Space Dome, which now also housed the beginnings of the Altar in honor of Valum Votan. Afterwards the sun began to set and the time traveler's folded themselves up and entered the Dreamtime for the next day---but not before encountering two more kin from the Bay Area! Katy O'Leary Planetary Serpent and J-Mo Planetary Mirror brought a gigantic tzolkin to use in the next day's activation!

Eden Sky Kin 173 presents on the 13 Moon calendar and 2012

Self-Existing Wizards

The following morning, after a good night's rest the time travelers Kin 201 and Kin 240 returned to hold the Untying the Knots and Synchrogalactic Yoga Meditation. The early morning meditation had only two attendees, two women from Iran named Mahina (White Resonant Worldbridger) and Mabubu (Blue Magnetic Night). The women were very keen on having a morning meditation, and learning about the 13 Moon calendar.

They were fascinated to learn that December 21, 2012 is the closing of the Great Cycle - this is because in the Iranian calendar, December 21 is a day of national all-day all-night celebration!

After briefly describing the use of the 13 Moon calendar to activate rolling waves of worldwide synchronize meditations, sitting as a four-part Self-Existing Wizard mandala, they began the Untying the Knots ceremony (, concluding with the Synchrogalactic Yoga meditation - activating the seven chakras with the seven solar mantras (See Book of the Transcendence, Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VI -

Soon thereafter more planetary kin showed up to help at the FLT booth/decoding station: Mark Heley White Galactic Wind and Elizabeth Whitney Blue Solar Eagle (galactic twin of Sunny Shine, who invited us!). These long-time activators of the 13:20 stepped right in and began assisting with activation of the Whole Earth Festival. The giant Tzolkin was laid out on the ground so we could actually stand on our kin - the Tzolkin soon became an Acro-Yoga mat for a group of four people, including Forrest Planetary Sun, synchronizing in Yoga as a mandala of four.

Note that now with Juryt Kin 243, Mark Kin 242 and Elizabeth Kin 35 = the total combined kin was once again White Cosmic Wizard!

That evening we held the Whole Earth Meditation and Prayer Vigil in honor of Valum Votan. The wind was high in the dome as Forrest Planetary Sun began playing the flute, starting the Prayer to the Seven Galactic Directions. Everyone was given an opportunity to share their appreciation and memory of Votan and his work - there was much emotion and powerful reflections - from people who knew Votan as Dr. Arguelles, their Art History professor, 40 years ago; or who knew him as Jose, their Art History student; or still others who only knew of Jose through their love of the Whole Earth Festival.

Seymor Howard, Votan's Art History teacher from the University of Chicago spoke of his recognition of Jose's vision, and remembered him as a gentle and kind man. Of the vigil he remarked "It's the least we could do for the most." Indeed the third-dimensional scale of the vigil could in no way contain our internal appreciation of Votan and his work.

Sunny Shine spoke joyously of her memories of Jose, and sadly at not having been able to see him again. She gave everyone cotton swabs as an offering to "clean our ears" so that when our true teacher appears "we can hear".

Sunny Shine Kin 35 prepares the space

Kin 35, Clara, Kin 35

Kin 173, 205, Illya, Seymore, Kin 35, Kin 242

Kin 243, Kin 140, Kin 201

Altar to Votan

Altar to Votan

Closing the ceremony we all chanted the Heart Sutra mantra 108 times - OM GATE GATE, PARAGATE, PARASAMGATE, BODHI SVAHA. "Gone, Gone, Gone Totaly BEYOND - How wonderful."

In the evening, Jacob Kin 201, Kelly Kin 240, Eden Kin 173, Forrest Kin 140, Mark Kin 242, Elizabeth Kin 35, Juryt Kin 243 and Katy Kin 205 gathered together and discussed future activations, as well as fundraising ideas for the FLT - as it was made clear that now more than ever, especially now that Votan has left the planet, the FLT needs consistent moonly donations to keep the operations going and to be able to continue publishing its materials.

Overtone Eagle's Flight

The morning of the Overtone Eagle brought Juryt Kin 243, Kelly Kin 240 and Jacob Kin 201 to a local breakfast kitchen called the Delta of Venus - when approaching the door Juryt noticed Sri Aurobindo on a Poster that said "The Gurdjieff Sessions" - being that today was Gurdjieff's galactic signature (Blue Overtone Eagle) we took this as a great sign!

Juryt was curious about the Foundation for the Law of Time, and offered to assist with webmastering matters - including the creation of a Dutch translation of the current He and Kelly Kin 240 were excited at the prospect of working together to create a new ...

Reconverging with the other kin at the Dreamspell Pavilion and FLT Booth, the activations continued once again. Old students of UC Davis who were in Votan's Art History class came by to give us their support.

In the end we gave away 1000 pocket calendars, 180 Overtone Moon year Natural Time calendars, and decoded countless people. Sunny Shine invited us to stay in close contact to help her establish a study group of the Cosmic History Chronicles and the Law of Time in UC Davis - and a continuing relationship with the Whole Earth Festival, with the vision of further incorporating the Dreamspell into the Festival itself.

Jacob, Felicia, Eden, Kelly and Forrest at the Dreamspell Pavilion

Before packing up the Dreamspell Pavilion, Jacob Kin 201 gave Juryt Solar Night a ride to the local train-station where he was to catch a train. Before leaving he shared with me his work on a system he calls the "U Ching" - inspired by the codes of time. As his train arrived at the station we were sad to part, but glad to have met - we were super excited to see that apparently this train was number "2012"!!! (and it was bound all the way to San José!)

Juryt boarded and Kin 201 returned to the UC Davis campus to load up the Dreamspell Pavilion and prepare for the long journey home. We all felt so grateful and inspired from this adventure, and look forward to more to come... See you soon at the Day out of Time!! ....

May any merit from this adventure in time go forth to benefit all beings in all universes simultaneously and instantaneously.

Report filed by Kin 201
Sealed on Kin 138, White Galactic Mirror
In the synchronic order, the final day of the 49-day cycle after Valum Votan's Ascendence

More photos from the event by Elizabeth Kin 35, Facebook.

Read another report from this event by Eden Self-Existing Skywalker

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