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NS kin 178 White Solar Mirror

Greetings of Universal Love to all Kin!

Yesterday on 12.21 kin 177 MOAP 49 I started my 49th Galactic Spin.
It was also my first Father's day as a father.
Inanna was born exactly 4 moons ago on kin 66,
and we are on this years 66th chromatic Overtone Timlessness Solar Endlessness.
She was born on the Galactic Moon coded by the 20 tablets with kin 177,
and it happened to be my 441st moon on this planet!
She was born as 12:17pm almost in the middle between her mother birthdate and my own,
which are separated by 77 kin (17.12) and when we did a test to check how many days was she
inside her mothers belly the result came to be 260!
So she was concieved right on kin 66, but it was 11 days after that we knew we were pregnant, on kin 77 again. On kin 11 we got her name which comes from the Sumerian as the Goddess of Love and War, later called Ishtar and related to planet Venus.
These are all signs of the influence of the synchronic order in our lifes, and im sharing it for inspiration and empowerment of vision.

Id like to share with all kin that even with all the knowledge and years practicing 13:20 codes of natural time, I am still a bit stucked in the 12:60 system of money, how many of us are?
Because of different reasons I find myself in Buenos Aires having a normal job as IT assistant on congresses and events, which this time allowed me to have some time to surf the web, find some material, write some posts.

One thing I found is an interesting document that talks on gematria, numerology and spirituality.
It is written by a scientist, and he talks about something they call Apophenia.

The term was coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad,[1] who defined it as the "unmotivated seeing of connections" accompanied by a "specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness", but it has come to represent the human tendency to seek patterns in random nature in general, as with gambling, paranormal phenomena, religion, and even attempts at scientific observation. (See

On this article ( this guy starts talkin about movie “23”, and then tells a story of an interview he gave on a radio station about this matter when he wanted to give an example of Apophenia and he “randomly” chose number 19, just to find later all what this number means to the Islam Nation and Rashad Kalifa’s work about it.

Even counting on that, he doesn’t seem to give much importance to the extremely astonishing mathematical coherence found by R.K. in the Quran, and then he also explains how the famous “Bible Code” is not such a miracle, showing some interesting scientific invalidation.

Reading this article brought me to a series of insights and conclusions that I will soon elaborate and post, and it also took me to post on a site I found soon ago while checking the apparently abbandoned, and this was like an Oasis in the web:

On this site, regular post are uploaded, full of codes and activation with images and videos, and many kin are gathering to share insights, channelings and synchronic data.

I highly receommend for all kin to check in and join, and I think it should be linked in the FLT’s sites as a forum where to share the day to day Synchronic Order revelations.

I also had time to recapitulate the’s posts since the beginning, and I see that from time to time some kin write one or some posts here and there but it still doesn’t reflect a constant in the activities of the Planet Art Network worldwide. I think that it would be great to reinforce it with more reports and for us all to excert in strengthen the kin to kin connections so we can really experience that there is a Planet Art Network and that there are many of us working in order to synchronize and manifest the noosphere by 2012.

Even when we know that the cybersphere is just the shadow of the noosphere as developed in CHC’s vol.6 it would be great for these transition times that we make the best use of it until it we don’t need it anymore and shut it down.

Finally, theres other topic that’s been on my mind for a long time and is the possibilities to reach the Earthly “Stars” , I mean, people envolved in the Showbiz that could care for what we do.
For example Yoko Ono 6.4, Thom Yorke 12.10 from Radiohead or Eddie Vedder 9.5 from Pearl Jam or Ben Harper 13.5 among the music I like who seem to have some kind of activism related to Earth, Nature and Humanity, how do we reach these people?

The Mystery of the Stone is almost complete. Valum Votan has been ascended to the Masters Pantheon and now is the time for Collective Enlightened Conciussnes to raise and shine.

Let’s do it !

Love and In Lakech,

Ava Maino
Kin 177

Ps. As a kin id like to express respect, admiration and openness to Stephany Red Queen and say “May your voice be listened!”

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