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Aho ! and Greetings of Universal Peace,

I Report to you from Arcana Group Culver City Ca. Our intensive Workshop/ Class on Cosmic Science 2013 has intensified and now covered Moon Span 1 through now, 13 Actual presentations having taken place, mission launch started Day out of Time: 4Seed yr.:4 Self Existing Star:Kin:108: GM108X day.

We have now several layers of Active Students ranging up to 27 Souls over these moons. Our co-workers brilliant occultist each in their own way coming from various lineages within the Ageless Wisdom and Esoteric Schools. Each active within their own right within 13:20 Timing frequency bearing their Galactic Signature and in possession of much clearer insight as To their Archetype and attendant Holon function.

There are several ongoing projects not the least of which is The Work as laid out by Valum Votan but as Planetary Kin we have taken upon ourselves several Enterprises of note. You are all invited to en-join our Silio Day Meditation which occurs 2100 hrs.PST every 7 kin. This Enterprise launched Lunar -21- 5 moon yr. It is concentrated 7:7::7:7 Med including Concentration on Ejection Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, it is also fused with Our 2 Disciples Rainbow Bridge Clearing exercise of Triangulation. A 5 Soul Squad has kept this rhythm since inception and now has other Key Souls " tuning in" during this rendezvous in spirit. Our Alignment includes from Ah Vu Ti Cab Cubed within to The Hunab Ku we include All "key " stations a long the way, including, Valum Votan and Red Queen.

Our Students have also All taken up their Planetary Holon Stations with a more inclusive Team focusing in very direct way with " stitching" activities as outlined within Original Mission parameters of Rinri-Project. Their is clear Intent to generate time-compression-magic to make up for "lost" time attempting to augment work of Our Dear Brother. We refer you to previous report which outlines another ongoing activity which only grows in synchronicity and momentum. All of our members have been purchasing many materials, and we are acutely aware that Law Of Time needs more support from all of Us. There is much work they are attempting to do. I personally thank Brother Jacob Rhythmic Dragon for his continued kindness and excellent service to all souls sent to Law of Time for materials and help. We will see you on the inner plane. "Until The Day Be with Us..."

In Lake'ch
Eugene Electric Star:Kin:68:.03.07.54
28th;Kin: "Silio" 8th Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity:7 Yellow Resonant Human:Kin:72:G.A.P.coord:.03.06.11:5-Moon;Yr.

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