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Report from Electric Star in the Monkey Bioregion

Hello Friends,

We have discussed Celestial Harmonics, the establishment of relation between Galactic Gateways for purposes of healing-energy-releasing transductions. This is a subject matter that we will continue to evolve an understanding together. It is focused Meditation utilizing our alignment and operating from the centers, primarily utilizing Ajna Gamma Plasma focus. It is telepathically conjoint in activity and a soul-etheric consciousness projection technique through visualization.

We utilize Our Alignment using Soul Mantram and our Etheric Vortexing Technique, stabilizing the Vehicles. We establish ourselves in oneness Operating from The Cave and from the Iron-magma-crystaline-core, The Heart of the Mother of The World.
We Consciousize ourselves within our Archetypal-Identity, Our Galactic Signature, If you know your Year Bearing Signature what you became BD this year, then that as well. I am Electric Star currently manifesting my 8 Red Galactic Skywalker Persona. From Our Signature we have etheric-holonic access to Galactic Gateway Matrix in all aspects.

Our first mission ties in with Group Meditation we Did 9.11.2010 in 3rd Class 13 Yellow Cosmic Warrior:Kin:156: We established Healing/ releasing/ redeeming of 9.11.2001: 4 Blue Self Existing Monkey:Kin:251::Kin:251: Self Existing Monkey appears within 3-Kin on Thursday this week, Gamma Plasma Day 9.01.2011; Notice the numbers permutation of Gregorian dates 9.11.2001 a curious synchronicity, 3- ones, 1- two, 2-Zeros 1- nine in all three dates. This increases our Alignment of Kin:connectivity and establishes resonance for our Meditation for Gregorian Date 9.11.2011: 1 Red magnetic Dragon: Kin 1 Beginning New Galactic Spin: coordinating also with 11.05.2008. First Day after election of President USA

We established a collective memory as Group for 9.11.2001, Where we were when karmic occurrence manifested, We established collective memory of Our meeting and Meditation effort 9.11.2010.

The Consciousness shift in Time utilizes Our Etheric Vortex to tornadically Clear the Fields aligning the fields through Our Personal Will to Love to Serve, to Heal, and to Release the energies of substance and matter back to the Earth for redemption and Salvage. By pulsing our Will to Good into the matrix, we establish a new harmonic, releasing the past from previous, projection, interpretations, karmic knots, emotional-astral debris. Thereby Shifting in the Present Now the Future Now. We go back in Time to heal the past, releasing the present and changing the future...

This is Group Endeavor and It is Our Will that Divine Will be done.

The "Squad" has done several missions each soul utilizing protection methodologies as well as our group light and love to protect each other, this is no different.

We generally synchronize as best possible at 9:00 PM on targeted nights. Tonight we did Silio Ejection of Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Med with attendant Silio-Kin-Codes. The matrix Grids that I have graphed out has many of these types of computations and alignments, It is protected in the White Light of The One, but please do not engage if you have any concerns or misapprehensions.

I thank each and every one of you blessed souls for your service dedication selflessly and your Love,

In Lake'ch
Electric Star as Galactic SkyWalker

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