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Your Letters & Photographs

"For José"
by Ivan Argüelles

here is where we part
yours is the section to the left numbered Zero
mine has been carefully removed
together we had searched
together we
came apart
magnify not the dank spot
tomorrow is a definite improbability
whiten this page over
who is the
deity of the step-ladder ?
pray we must to his numen
washed in grief
the thumbnail
the human portion in its inch
look then to the Stars!


José Argüelles - Visionary Artist Passes Away at 72 - by Angel Tenes



"Moonbow" which appeared at the time of Valum Votan/José Argüelles' Ascension
photo taken by Ethan Tweedle (source: spaceweather.com)


A Rainbow upon the Mountain

A rainbow moved slowly across the face of the mountain today
I marveled at its colors dancing within the clouds
What was its message - to transform and become a rainbow body?
To arise as little hummingbird with iridescent wings
Ascending with speedy, winged step like a rocket?
Then I heard the news of the Dalai Lama's nephew's passing
Like Sr Rosemarie... beside the road... in an action of love...
My heart joined with the raindrops in tears of sorrow
To form this rainbow message of comfort to the family
A Presence... a Rainbow body... made an unusual appearance in these  morning hours
Entering into it I took your sorrow to be transfigured in its Light
The Gospel today tells of Jesus curing the blind man
He says: "I see people, but they look like walking trees..."
I see a rainbow that looks like a walking Presence...

Poem by Sister Rosemarie, Washington, USA


Dearest Ones,

PAN Austin, Texas USA - Ceremony for Valum VotanI am writing on behalf of the Austin Pan Node. We had a wonderful Farewell ceremony today at noon (PT) which was 2pm Austin time. Photos are attached to this email. We met at the Labyrinth ( a duplicate of the Chartre Labyrinth in France.) The center of the labyrinth has the words RECEIVE, RELEASE , RETURN. I positioned the painting of the Sacophagus Lid of Pakal's Tomb just under the word "Return". Crystals, glyphs, photos, and flowers were placed on the Sarcophagus.

PAN Austin TexasWe burned Copal at the entrance to the labyrinth and one by one walked the red brick path to the center, while chanting the Moola Mantra. Once in the center and surrounding the sarcophagus-grid, we closed our eyes and listened for José to play the flute. On cue, we recited the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions as José did for so many gatherings! We then connected to the octahedral core of Mother Earth and brought the love up through our bodies and connected to Father Sun. We brought the light and enlightenment of Father Sun down through our bodies and anchored the light in to our Mother Earth. After a few rounds of breathing like this, we focused on our hearts, inhaling in to them, feeling the love and exhaling into the rainbow aura around our bodies. As we continued to inhale and exhale, we created a rainbow aura around the earth. It was a beautiful meditation. Once in the heart, we held hands and each person shared about their PAN Austin, Texas USA - Ceremony for Valum Votanconnection to José and the Mayan knowledge he taught. After everyone was complete, we read together José's vision for Dec 21st, 2012 which is on the last page of The Mayan Factor.

Finally, we asked Great Spirit to escort José to the highest level of BLISS in the highest dimensions and we threw rose petals on the sarcophagus-grid. We wished him an awesome journey and thanked him for his many gifts.

PAN Austin, Texas USA - Ceremony for Valum VotanWe walked one by one out of the labyrinth and greeted each other as we exited the circle with "In Lak'ech".

One most amazing thing about the sarcophagus picture was that I had it under a piece of plastic to protect it. At the beginning of the ceremony, there was a misty rainbow cloud under the plastic, just above Pakal and just below the tree of life. Then by the end of the ceremony, this mist was gone.

In service to the One Heart,
Julie Planetary Monkey, PAN Austin, Texas, USA



THE MOON TOOK YOUR SOUL, IN ITS CLEAR WATER STREAM, HOLDING YOU IN ITS LAP, you were released from the prison of the body, and transported to the Eternity so you can continue sharing your infinite light and consciousness.

With gratitude and respect we are enjoying all the universal knowledge that you gathered, from different teachers on the planet.

Your Vision and prphfecy that had moved many souls to a conscious commitment to the Earth's evolution, guided through the ascenscion of the Closing of the Cicle.

Your life on the Earth left a great example of service, discipline and commitment, your life as a channel attracted the knowledge of superior dimensions of the mind and beyond, you initiate us in the infinite galaxies and universes, inviting us to recognize the superior states of the consciousness, love and light that the human being can acheive in the next evolutionary cycle.

Infinite love brother, friend, teacher, guide; each day your presence is being manifested in the rainbow of peace and love that surrounds the Earth in our meditation.

The Noosphere remembered your work, you accomplish your mission of love and service to the planet, you inspired my soul and many more, the courage of being incarnate as the Law of Time, in daily life and anchorage of a Village 13:20, its a real and concrete experience of the new paradigm.

Your prayer, your life, your sacrifice and your trascendence, has been redeemed in the face of the divine one, all the beings dwell in the divine presence.

Keep guiding us in the day of the judgement together with: Hunab Ku, Allah, Quetzalcoatl, Pacal Votan, The Council of Sirius, and all the light
The Galactic Maya in all dimensions Honor YOU

CREST13 Pilot Center
Charbonier, Córdoba, Argentina. Biorregión de la Estrella


Hello to all kin,

I been given this story a long while ago- and if possible I wish to dedicate it to Valum Votan/José Argüelles.

"This Mayan story is a particularly beautiful portrayal of the ancestors concept of immanence – of a Sacred indwelling presence in all the Nature.
“The Living” shows HOW – despite of centuries of suppression – people CAN still retain a connection to their roots. HOW – despite the imposition of “alien, stranger” creeds and values – their own sense of
wonder and sacredness still inhabits their souls."

See story here: "The Living"

Kate, White Magnetic Dog.


My Heart and Spirit go out to All in compassion at this time of transition back into Spirit World of Valum Votan. He has been and continues to be such a Guide and Teacher to All. I am deeply grateful for all the awakening, remembrance, keys and guides he has brought and channelled to us on Mother Earth for the New Time and the birthing of the Noosphere.

In Lak'ech!

Guillermo Planetary Warrior, Texas, USA


The time of the ceremony is dawn in our country.

The snow which fell last night covers the ground. ... the strong wind blow in the cold sleet from the dark sky before the dawn.

From the ceremony's beginning,
When passing a little.
The way of advancing towards the center in the galaxy from
the direction on New Zealand appeared.
It is shining and blue purple.

In the sky on the height of the eyes.
It becomes a blue-purple shining circle.
In the still dark sky, it is bright only there.

Suddenly, two large-sized birds like the eagle appear in
the bright center. (The bird flies to the dark storm at the dawn? I doubted my eyes.)

One behind desperately pursues one which flies at a much faster speed.
Two birds turned counterclockwise and disappeared.

The blaze spread from the shining blue purple to all the directions. The edge of cloud shines to the blue purple. The different wind touched my whole being with the wind to blow. .......It is a breath!

It becomes a sound.

"From the East House of Light........."

José's Voice!!

I, too, pray together.

"Do you feel her heartbeart every time?"
"Harmonies with her"
"Harmonize, radiance, forever......"

The voice disappears.

Something changed.
The shining blue purple disappears.
The sky changed to the cloudy weather which continues with the usual sleet ...

It happened in about 30 minutes
The shining blue purple which was seen a short while ago
may be a natural phenomenon

but is the shining return of the Dr. José which the people
all over the world wished for.
I felt.

It shines to everybody's heart.

This time, I close an old door.
Then José told a model to me.
Then, I open a new door.
I establish the future in the new consciousness, the new mind, the new action.
You found all out.
Thanking, José.
I appreciate.

Blue Galactic Storm, Kin99, Hirono Tanabe, Japan.


A circular hug and in a moment of silence and respect to Valum Votan, joining him on his journey to the other side.
Appreciation and love.
Juan Ignacio


We share the feeling of deepest Love, for the trascendence of our beloved master Valum Votan, who would be guiding the path for all:
"nothing would darken the purity of love extended from his radiance, to all that is supreme creator"
all Our love and rainbow blessings in his return to the sacred.

A deep hug with love.
Kin 25, 175, 30, 70, Argentina.
May Peace and Love surround all and each one.


I write with much love to everyone that have received the information
that this beautiful soul gave us, in our hearts ...
the night that Valum Votan was leaving his physical body... I had a beautiful dream about him and the Red Queen ...

three of us were outside of a large circular room where there were many
people waiting for a talk Valum was going to give ... Before entering, he look at me and says:
- You have to paint your face of the color of your kin
- I say Blue like you.
Stephanie came and said- what about your tone?
- Resonant, blue resonant monkey galactic agent 111
He smiles and says, now we can come in ...
I go with them both and everyone was waiting for this wonderful talk ...
I now realize that was his last speech to the planetary kin... i dont remember anything about the talk, only with my heart ... well the feelings that I get are a lot of peace and love in his words to us all.
the next day told me of his departure and I knew there was a
... a beautiful farewell visit.
I got on a bus to travel overnight to Santiago and on that day and
"Aware" of his death I came to feel his presence:
he climbed into the bus and took me to the co-pilot seat, sat down and he said while was making funny faces:
- From here you can make faces very friendly ... but do not know where to go
then changed to the driver's seat and sat down, we sat down and he said:
- From here you can reach the sun if you want ...
at that moment the wheel turned and headed for the sun, seeing all
its brilliance and splendor

I wanted to share these simple and beautiful dreams, telepathic connections for kin, because I feel that the message is very clear.

I had the feeling that these dreams is: be careful, watch out for signals ... love and guide your own life ... we are free beings, he said the his last workshop and that was what he was saying. Thanks Valum Votan ... I'll be watching ... I'll be aware ... I'll be here and now.

Aimaitea, Valle del Elqui, Chile


To a Great Ascended Master,

You are missed by many, yet you have a greater mission now... You are everywhere and in everything at the same time... You have done so much good here and will do much more "there"... You are the lucky one, the chosen one...

Rainbow Bridge - by Sarka Tishman

You have build the rainbow bridge from here and you keep building it all the way "there" for us to follow... Thank you great master, thank you José Argüelles...

with love, Sarka Tishman


Report from Prayer Vigil and ceremony for Votan's cremation
by Randy Bruner, Hawaii, USA

I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. My favorite place to sit and meditate by the ocean is also a sacred place to the native Hawaiians. It is the place where they would bring the body of the king after he passed away and put it in a boat to be sent out to sea. There are petroglyphs carved in the lava rock depicting this event.

For the ceremony of Votan's cremation I went to this place. The sky was a bright blue with white puffy clouds and a strong wind. There was a deep blue sea which pounded the shore relentlessly.

As his body was transformed by the fire, I took flowers from my garden (for he was a flower of humanity) and committed them to the flame. As the smoke rose to the sky it carried our hopes and wishes for his transformation to the light.

RainbowAfter that I stood and marveled at the sea, watching sea turtles come up to breathe and dive deep into the blue depths. As I stood watching the sea, 3 wild roosters came up to me. There were two who were wildly colored and flamboyant and one was pure white. The white one walked right up to me as if it had something to say to me. I took that as a message that he saw us and heard our prayers and would come to us in spirit when necessary.

Planetary Vigil - Blue Cosmic Monkey (my perfect guide)

First I lit candles and I recited the poem by Ivan and then the Noogenesis vow. I sat in meditation with the Mother crystal from Harmonic convergence. As I opened myself up and connected I clearly saw the rainbow grid around the planet. It was not just a single rainbow around the Earth. But a rainbow arching from each group to all the other groups around the world connecting us all in spirit and to his spirit beyond the veil.

Peace be with all of us.
For now you are Peace

Mahalo for your life and inspiration.

In Lakéch
Randy Bruner
Blue Cosmic Hand
Hawaii, USA


José Argüelles, Ph.D./Valum Votan:

I had the honor of being mentored by Dr José A Argüelles and being his friend. He met me in 1978 and became my Core Professor from 1979 to 1985 when I graduated from the Union doctoral program. José taught me how to conduct doctoral research and critical thinking.

José Argüelles personally mentored my studies of Buddhism, Taoism, Ch’i and Biopsychic Energy. In 1984 I was his assistant as we co-led the Lyons Colorado Retreat of the Union doctoral program. He stayed at my place in California and I at his home in Colorado. It was an honor to know him as we both focused upon higher consciousness. Our friendship continued following graduation, and he even expressed the poetic thought that I should marry his niece so that we would always be related. I chauffeured him to LAX when he conceived the Harmonic Convergence; and I shared many spiritual exercises that stimulate higher consciousness, a fact reflected in his Foreword to my book of Energy Meditation exercises: Keys to Spiritual Being. Valum also suggested that I post my spiritual Energy Flow Photography of energy vortices at the PAN-related websites.

Valum Votan, the Age Ender, José Argüelles, the life inspirer lived his life in service to all Life and all being to promote a spiritual evolution of humankind. History will remember him as a true spiritual leader who greatly sacrificed human comfort in service of being a pioneer and prophet of harmonic convergence and evolutionary transformation. José - Valum was my friend.

Adrian Ravarour, Ph.D.

Votan Tribute from Kin 77

So much love to Votan from beyond space and time...What an incredible omni space being that we were blessed to spend time with here on E A r th. After being able to spend tons of time with him in Brazil for the 2nd congress the memories and time with our other omni bro's will never be forgotten...Or the time when he was in SF with Red Queen on his way out of the US to NZ...Co galactic ly navigating our way to the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog with him and RQ and another ultra omni being his super luminal ness will all ways be sealed into my galactic sense sorium...But way back I was in portland with Eden Sky when he and Bolon Ik released the 20 tablets and all the magical forthcoming activations that spun from the kin magic that happened there...Or scrawling upon the sidewalk of the pacific stock exchange in SF during day out of time 2000 with pan bay area and my beloved kin nec tors kin necting the bay area pan of whom i was very activationaly involved...Or the countless Light Seed parties that I brought out large painted tapestries of the dreamspell and de coded kin at parties or the 2012 CCC parties where Votan's precious works were intricately woven light light stranded beads of omni beams into the parties...

Much love brother valum votan....and galactic bliss to you Red Queen......

OMniplasmic...In La Kesh A Delik ly omni ly yours in the super spiral of omni ness..
Kin 77
Red Crystal Earth
OMni Team SF
SF Bay Area 11-11-11

Tribute to Valum Votan

I honor you Valum Votan, my invisible teacher.
Your teachings are as important as crystals.
You brought us into a whole new level of human purpose.
I now transcend ready for the evolution.

Thank you master.

- - -
Nin Neri
White Planetary Mirror, kin 218 GAP

Dear Jose, beloved one,

you will always be in our hearts
an example to follow

we love you
and we will miss you
that's an undenyable truth

may we all reach our highest dream
see you at the end of the rainbow!

always united
we are One

Peace be with you
In Lak ech!
Jose Arguelles ha dejado este planeta.
Valum Votan es una luz en nuestros corazones.
Guiando nuestros sueños mas elevados.
El planeta en paz. La Tierra Arcoiris.
Estamos tristes, pero seguiremos adelante.
Jose es como el flautista de Hamelin.
Llevandonos a traves del infinito.
Mas allá de la tecnología.
Tristes pero por siempre inspirados.
Estamos agradecidos de haber recibido sus enseñanzas.
Sus libros son un sagrado registro de una ciencia genuina.
La obra de Jose es todo lo que los hombres de Cortez no pudieron quemar.
Hasta siempre generador noosférico!

Ava Maino
kin 177

"Everything is Perfect. Love Everyone. Hate No One."
(Jose Arguelles' words as he left this dimension)
by Elizabeth Whitney

Your Videos & Music

Greetings, my name is gabriel. i first and foremost am writing to express my condolences during this time as well as my gratitude for all of the work you all have done and shared with us. this seems to be in perfect harmony with the transitions happening throughout the planet. I'm certain they are celebrating on the other side.

i wanted to share a three song EP i recorded in homage of Dr. Argüelles. I've used an array of analog synthesizers running in tandem, recorded live, to emote my respect and appreciation, something I cannot do as clearly in words. may this music reach you in some way.

all my love,
gabriel, white solar mirror


Homage for José Argüelles (1939 - 2011)
That his spirit lives in all beings, Yucatan Mexico.


Dedicated to José Argüelles, the human adventure is just beginning.


Votan Love - Bardo - non distraction in the dawning of the ground luminocity by Red Magnetic Dragon

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