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Tulan, TEPIC - México

"Not only it is necesary to have a grasp of rudimentary survival skils and be prepared in advance by developing an elementary garden culture, a system of alternetive technologies, and simplification of our material plane habits, but also to be a worthy vassel and carrier of the new knowledge and consiousness. This would be the first time in the history of the race that the continuity of knowledge was kept alive by a few dedicated groups of people in the face of the destruction of the old order."

"A few operatives on the planet are already experiencing third- and fourth-dimensional systems operating with doble mental levels simultaneously.In this way the phase shift of the planet will be easier to facilitate in 2013, the docking point of Timeship Earth 2013. This is only the beginning."

-Book of the Transcendence, CHC Vol VI

The Encounter 3-7-21, organized by the Planetary Art Network, was a true Council of Earth Wizards, sowing the seeds of the noospheric Earth Wizards. With the presence of more than 70 planetary kin representing 17 countries, including Kelly, Yellow Rhythmic Sun and Jacob, Red Rhythmic Dragon members of the Foundation for the Law of Time. we shared 7 days of celebration, study and practice of Synchronotron and all levels of the Law of Time.

The event took place in the Mayan Initiation Community of the Movement Unity for Global Action, a spiritual movement led by Master Domingo Diaz Porta, where for several rings develops Tulán Peace Garden, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Attended the Master Carlos Moises Michan, who shared his teachings and studied Synchronotron Workshop with the other kin.

The Red Queen, sent a special message, noting the joy and seriousness that Valum Votan was placed on the development of this meeting, which was scheduled before his departure from this plane, they took this event as the beginning of the Noosphere, the synchonicity of the starting date, Dali 22 of the Spectral Moon, she mentioned ....

"This is the perspective of Earth Vision, the beginning of the noosphere. From the first meeting of Synchronotron, Votan noted that the Earth had entered this Synchronotron Cube 623 days ago. 89 x 7, 89 is the kin of trasendence of Votan, the UPC i was the kin 225 kin red self-existing Serpent, the kin of Antonio Giachetti, who organized the first seminar of Synchronotron in Italy, and missing 578 days for the closing of the cycle, if we calculate the kin of this figure gives us 58, White Rhythmic Mirror, the number of days since Votan last birthday and his dimensional shift"

In an environment of abundant nature, contained in circles of singing, dancing and fire, we enjoyed a great love, harmony and bliss.

The team facilitator of the meeting, presented the information very clearly, it was targeted to the practice of Synchronotron and Synchrogalactic Yoga, Earth families held community service and daily study, for all to achieve these calculations and Codes corresponding to the activation of the diferent Matrices in the Holomind Perceiver.

The day of the round table of the Vision, we made a great Crystal Court, around the sacred fire, where we shared past actions and new adventures to continue in the vision of the Earth Rainbow Bridge, and the manifestation of the Noosphere. The presence of Votan was sealed in the heart of each and every one of the kin present and mother nature gave us clear signs.

The FLT, convened all kin to feel responsible for the continuity of Valum Votan message through real commitment to disseminate the books published by the Foundation and contributions made ​​every moon, drop by drop, more or less, or what we can or feel, all support goes in the same direction so that together we recognize the origin and source of all the information we are sharing or distributing, of all that we are developing (http://www.lawoftime .org / donate.html) to make this organization that Votan created, to continue with its mission to irradiate the work and vision of the Closer of the Cycle on Earth. So meetings were held in different regions of the Planet Art Network, to realize support for FLT.

Also taking advantage of the presence of kin of different nodes of Mexico convened a meeting to renew the format of coordination in Mexico, creating a response team, where the figure of the coordinator fell in to Luis Zavala, White Electric Mirror (

"The systems and methods of the Book of transcendence are the true pathways to the future. it is how we ourselves make ourselves new in the light of the divine mind ".
-Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change, -Stephanie South/Red Queen

Team Meeting organizer
the nameless

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