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A Report from the 3.7.21 Synchronotron World Encounter
Jardin de Paz de Tulan - Tepic, Mexico
by Jacob Wyatt/Red Rhythmic Dragon
Foundation for the Law of Time

"True spirituality does not separate the life of the everyday world from the exalted truths of divine revelation." (Valum Votan/José Argüelles)

This quote sums the collective experience at the seven-day Synchronotron World Encounter event on Spectral Moon 22-28 (23-29 May, 2011)

The air was charged with the focus and pure hearts of 64 attendees from 16 different countries who came to experience seven days immersed in the mythic realms of the 13:20 synchronic codes of time. Kin from Israel, Serbia, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, United States and Mexico gathered for this Noospheric event.

Arriving in Guadalajara, Kelly Rhythmic Sun and I were excited to see three Earth Wizards: Luis Electric Mirror, Mertxe Crystal Storm and Paz Galactic Moon! (Paz is the graphic designer for Mertxe’s 13 Moon Sincronario produced annually by the Planet Art Network in Spain). The feelings of joy were strong and we could feel the light of the New Time piercing the veil of the 12:60 world of the international airport and interstate highway, as these five Wizards sang songs, discussed the work they've been doing and shared in the anticipation of the Synchronotron Encounter.

The excitement of the 441 Cube Matrix made it difficult to go to sleep after finally arriving in Tepic, Mexico. We shared codes with each other, and Luis showed us the incredible 441 3-D Pyramids he made of all of the 441 Matrices!

The next morning we gathered at Restaurante Quetzalcoatl - Luis's restaurant (which would cater the Encounter!) - a beautifully mythic space, flooded with natural light from above and adorned with the 13:20 codes of time: UR Runes, Solar Seals, Wiphala banner art and more. Soon, more Earth Wizards began appearing at the Restaurant (one could easily spot them wearing their massive camping backpacks). It was a peaceful and gentle meeting of many people from many different countries in this most nurturing (and nourishing!) space.

Before they knew it, they were all loaded into two trucks, Rhythmic Dragon drove one of the big trucks behind Luis, who led them to Jardin de Paz de Tulan. After a long and seemingly treacherous, but smooth journey (save a few heads bonked on the ceiling of the Dragon's truck! Lo Siento!), bouncing and careening up a windy, rocky mountain road, we finally arrived at Jardin de Paz de Tulan.

Kelly 240, Jacob 201, Mertxe 259, Luis 198, Paz 229

Seven Days at Synchronotronic Jardin de Paz de Tulan

It's hard to put into words, but the entire event felt like coming up from a prolonged deep ocean dive and taking a big breath of fresh air - or like waking up from a dream.

Imagine yourself in nature, no sounds or incessant drones of machines of any kind - pure silence of nature - but colored with the songs of a countless variety of birds, the hum of a humming bird every now and again, all overtoned by the omnipresent "OM" of the universal mind. The only people present are highly dedicated, inspired and studious Earth Wizards whose hearts have been blasted open by living Time is Art. Imagine these things and you might get a sense of what it was like to be at this most sacred space, in this most sacred time.

Mertxe Crystal Storm led the first days' classes with great focus and clarity, while introducing the Noospheric Seed-spore Synchronotron Earth Wizards to the matrices of the 441 cube. She and Luis made a great teaching team. Luis' excitement was infectous as he led everyone through the Hunab Ku 21 mandala of Tollan.

Morning class in the 13:20 dome

Afternoon class in the sanctuary

The days flowed seemlessly one into the other. The night-time dream opening quickly to the conch call for morning natural mind meditation and Synchrogalactic Yoga practice. Mike Magnetic Dragon from Holland led the morning meditations while his partner Cecilia Self-Existing Seed translated into Spanish. Each day began with the codes like this.

Following the morning codes was "desauno" (breakfast) - which was always a huge bounty of fruit, granola, yogurt - all the food you could eat! Even fresh made tortillas and frijoles. The meals and ground maintenance was always taken care of by the Earth Family of the day who each brought their own unique gifts. Every meal was opened with everyone holding hands in a large circle, singing and the Earth Family would say the meal prayer... when the Core Family day came around they made so much music that it became the way of things for the following days: great music, song and dance during the meals and breaks!

Left: ardinal family serving food + Right: Dancing and Drums

After breakfast was time for each person to find the 441 codes for the day, and then the first morning's class. After the first class was another break and then lunch - followed again by a small break and the second class. The second class would be followed by Earth Family study groups. I'll never forget my dear Cardinal Family brothers and sisters, who so patiently worked with me with my little Spanish (which got much better by the end - Creo que sí!).

This was more or less the daily program - a simple structure but colored by the 13:20 and 441 Synchronotron codes, making each day into a mythic telepathic navigation. Studying together in the classes and the Earth Families was a great bonding experience - and a real honor to share this time with some of the most dedicated Earth Wizards from around the world. Many of them crossed vast expanses and the one ocean to make it to the Encounter.

There were certain moments when in class, or in circle, the talk or singing would subside and there would be a long silence, sometimes puncuated with the sound of wind through the trees - and everyone felt Valum Votan's spirit very strongly.

One night, the group was divided into a men's circle and a women's circle. The men gathered around the fire and sang heart-songs together, while the women sang and prayed to the spring to bring more water (as there was a bit of a water shortage). Soon the women joined the men around the circle and made one large circle, singing and dancing together under the stars.

The prayers of the women for the water to come had worked. First of all, it was soon discovered that nearby landowners were secretly syphoning water from the spring, and second, the clouds had brought gentle rain for a couple of days, bringing even more water to the spring!

During the event there were three birthdays:

Kin 152, Yellow Solar Human was Oscar Tinajero's 58th Birthday - Oscar is a life-long Earth Wizard who walked all around the globe with the Banner of Peace.

Then, the next day, Kin 153, Red Planetary Skywalker was Luis Zavala's 59th Birthday!

The last day of the event, Kin 156, Yellow Cosmic Warrior was Manual Planetary Dragon's 55th Birthday!

Sipapu Return

On the day of the Blue Crystal Eagle there was a Temazcal ceremony in the morning, and much festive crystal day energy throughout the day, culminating in an evening Crystal Day Round Table meeting in the dome. Claudia Overtone Night from Argentina commented that in their CREST13 center, Aldea de los Magos de Tollan, the Crystal day (being the tone of dedication) was the time that they made prayers to renew their dedication to the vision of the New Time. Everyone passed the rattle taking turns to speak or sing their prayers, and offer gratitude for the Encounter.

I couldn't help but reflect on the fact that the Synchronotron is a system of telepathic communication between seven parallel galaxies, ours being one of them. I could feel the parallel versions of all of us in the six other parallel galaxies, six other parallel domes, in six parallel Crystal Round Tables - and I recalled the dream I had some weeks before leaving to Mexico...

We were outside in a hot sunny environment. Sitting with us was Valum Votan and several women elders in otherworldly, but familiar traditional clothes. Votan addressed the group with a smile and told everyone: "Look at you! Look at us! Look at how different we all are, yet we are all here together. We are truly a galactic movement!" I felt that this dream may have been a view into one of those six parallel galaxies...

One (of many) group photos - hoping more kin will post more photos!

I am grateful to have gotten to share time with everyone before leaving Tepic that night. Driving a truck back down the windy and rocky mountain road, driving was Gustavo Lunar Wind (who had the road memorized!) in the front with his partner Paula and Kelly Rhythmic Sun - Jacob Rhythmic Dragon and Naim Cosmic Serpent sat in the back of the truck, bouncing all the way while gazing up at the stars.

The feeling was as if re-entering a dream after a week of waking reality, and like returning through a small Sipapu tunnel between the worlds. Farewell to our sneak-preview of the (Now) future Reality! It will be awaiting us beyond the gate in 2013 and beyond!

Note: The Synchronotron is a mathematical system based around the 441 (21 x 21) matrix discovered by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. One purpose of the Synchronotron World Encounter was to study this system together so that we could return to our communities and continue to share the knowledge in a synchronized way.

One can read Valum Votan's initial writings about the 441 here:

Rinri Newsletter III, Volume 3, No. 3:
Volume 3, No. 4:
Volume 4, No. 1:
Volume 5, No. 1:

And soon we will post Synchronotron practice instructions on at

Some Synchronicities of the Synchronotron World Encounter

The event took place Spectral Moon 22-28, Kin 150-156
Year of the Red Overtone Moon

The original Synchronotron teaching/transmission by Valum Votan took place in week 3 of the Lunar Moon of the Self-Existing Seed Year, when he received an invitation to come to Italy to give an advanced 7-day Earth Wizard's Seminar - this invitation was sent by Antonio Red Self-Existing Serpent, Kin 225.

The first day of the Synchronotron World Encounter in Mexico was coded by the Psi Chrono Unit Red Self-Existing Serpent, Kin 225!

The first six days of the Encounter in Mexico were the last six days of the Omega GAP Run, Kin 150-155 - establishing the six-sided galactic cube. It is fascinating to note that the fourth day of the seven-day encounter (4:7) was Kin 153, Red Planetary Skywalker - perfect occult of Kin 108, code of the GM108X Galactic Mayan mind transmission. Furthermore, the following three days, the last three days of the event (Kin 154-156), were coded by the very same kin, Red Planetary Skywalker, Kin 153 as the Psi Chrono Unit. (Note also that in the 13 Baktun Wave Harmonic of History map, Kin 153 corresponds to the beginning of the construction of Teotihuacan - after this Encounter, the kin in Mexico had a ceremony at Teotihuacan!).

On the final day of the event, Kin 156, Yellow Cosmic Warrior, an M-Class Solar Flare and Geomagnetic Storm occurred. Unfortunately we had to leave Mexico on this day, but when our flight from Houston left the ground, we spotted two unmistakably plasmic rainbows in the atmosphere, hovering in the clouds just outside our window!! (Keep in mind that the same time the attendees of the Encounter were having the morning Silio Synchrogalactic Yoga and Rainbow Bridge Meditation!)

As if this is not enough, lastly, the very day following the Encounter (Crystal Moon Dali 1, Kin 157) marked the entrance into the Red Crystal Dragon Moon of the 16-year Cube of the Law. Remember that the number 441 converted to a Kin Equivalent (441-260) = Kin 181, Red Crystal Dragon!

The Synchronotron is alive!

I list these in the hopes that other kin will share more synchronicities - and their experiences - of the Encounter!)

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